Mudroom Organization Ideas

Mudroom Organization Ideas

Tired of the chaos that welcomes you every time you enter your home? Those shoes all jumbled up, bags and coats on the table, and keys you can’t easily find when you’re about to leave — the sight of it can really give you a headache! So how do you improve your mudroom to get things back […]

Creative and Unusual Mailbox Designs

Creative Unusual Mailbox Ideas

We love creative project ideas that make every home unique and express the individuality of its owner. If you, too, love designing and making DIY projects for things around your house, you’re going to enjoy this collection! This album is all about unusual and creative mailbox designs you don’t get to see everyday. It’s impossible not to notice them […]

Multi-Function Seat That Turns Into a Bench, Armchair, Table and More!

Multifunctional Seat

When you consider chairs for something other than their function, you find that the designs behind their making, and the reasons we enjoy them, encompass vast and varied concepts. Sure, a chair is something you sit on. But it is the very simplicity of their purpose that makes designing a desirable chair so difficult. This designer […]

Build a Cinder Block Pit Smoker For $250

Cinder Block Pit Smoker

I have always wanted to try barbecuing food in a block pit smoker. Since my last yard task entailed re-stacking all the concrete blocks in my brick pile, I decided to seize the opportunity and re-stacked the blocks in the shape of a smoker. I was not disappointed! Buying a smoker is a big no-no […]

Turn that old filing cabinet into a smoker!

Filing Cabinet Smoker

The start of the summer holidays is widely regarded as the unofficial kickoff to the backyard grilling season. But the calendar is becoming increasingly irrelevant as our shared love of all things grilled and smoked becomes more of a year-round obsession  – even in regions that experience cold winters! That’s probably why there are lots of […]

Make a Real Indian Tandoor Oven Out Of Terracotta Flower Pots!

DIY Flower Pot Tandoor Oven

Tandoori cooking is one of the world’s favourites. Although most of us think of Tandoori foods as being Indian (think Tandoori Chicken with the freshest of Naan breads) , it’s a style used from the Causcas, down through Turkey and the Middle East right through to South Asia.  The secret to Tandoors is the very high […]

Bed in a box!

Bed in a Box

It looks like a simple chest or a bench with storage, but it’s definitely not your ordinary furniture! This is a space-saving DIY bed project that you would most likely want to consider. Looking for a space-saving bed design? This bed in a box is suitable for those who need an extra bed to sleep on, […]

How to make a $6 brick rocket stove

Brick Rocket Stove

Need a temporary, easy-to-build rocket stove? Just grab 16 bricks or blocks and you are all set for this DIY brick rocket stove project! People have been using them for thousands of years, and now brick stoves are making their way back into the mainstream. People are making these traditional style ovens more and more frequently […]

Raised Garden Bed Projects

Raised garden beds do offer a lot of benefits for gardeners. It makes tending to greens more convenient, especially for people experiencing lower back/knee pain. It could also prevent critters and slugs from ruining produce. Last but not the least, they are a great way to improve the landscape. You can choose plain timber to […]

Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Commercially sold bird baths usually have fancy designs. They’re also fairly expensive. If you’re looking for a simple DIY birdbath, this idea has got to be #1 on the list! Do you happen to have a tomato cage just lying around in your home? That is what the birdbaths featured here are made of. Cut the […]

American flag pallet coffee table

American Flag Coffee Table

Now, this is impressive DIY furniture expressing patriotism! Do you have some pallets waiting for a project? Why not try making this coffee table with your own country’s flag? 🙂 Historically, flags originated as military standards. Soldiers used flags as field signals. The practice of flying flags indicating the country of origin outside of the […]

How to make a paracord-laced hanging pallet chair

Paracord Pallet Hanging Chair

Pallet furniture is a chic DIY trend that anyone can get into over a weekend. Using the pallets as a starting point, you can create countless projects for the home. You can stain, stack, paint, and finish them any way you want. It’s a cheap alternative to buying new furniture. Of course, the special bonus […]

Old sewing table turned colour popping planter

Sewing Table Machine Planter

Is there anything more inviting than a clean, well-furnished porch? Whether it’s a spacious front porch that greets guests or a back porch that’s perfect for entertaining, we all love the way a porch functions as an additional living room. That’s why it’s important to make the most of this outdoor space. Think your porch […]

Raised Garden Bed with Benches

Gardening is relaxing, but can also be a pain in the back. Most gardening activities require kneeling or bending to tend to your plants. The simplest solution is to have a raised garden bed. With a raised garden bed your plants are elevated to a comfortable height, keeping you from kneeling or hunching over. Improve your raised garden […]

Glass Jar Greenhouse

Want to build a greenhouse in your backyard? If you have access to plenty of glass jars, you can use them for a very cheap building project! Start asking your friends and neighbours for empty jam jars. You can also ask your local restaurants and take-aways to keep bottles for you! This greenhouse costs almost nothing depending on the materials you […]

Chic projects to do with timber offcuts!

Wood Plank Projects

Most projects and all building sites end up with lots of random length offcuts. Even with the best of planning and purchasing, it’s almost impossible to finish a project with all your materials used up. So what do we do with these leftovers? Here are some beautiful ideas to help you make use of excess wood […]

Ten wonderful ways to improve your outdoor with wood

Outdoor Projects with Wood

Whether it be fine wood furniture, wooden vases and bowls, hardwood floors, barn wood beams, reclaimed wood bar tops, butcher block countertops, we seek it out. Perhaps the universal appeal of wood is an extension of our common love of trees, nature, and the outdoors. Wood is great for outdoor projects because its a  low-maintenance material […]

Get creative with rattan ball patio lights!

Rattan Ball Lights

If you’re thinking of a good patio lighting that you can use all year round, then this inexpensive project is for you! Simply replace rattan balls to suit any season or occasion… Plain rattan balls can be easily found in your local dollar store by the bag. You can customize these using spray paints that would […]

How to Make a Crocheted Hammock

DIY Crocheted Hammock

Want a hammock for your porch, but can’t find one that suits your taste? Why not make your own? An outdoor area is never complete without a place to sit and relax. A hammock is one of your best options. It’s a great place to relax and take a nap. Installing a hammock doesn’t require […]

Awesome DIY garden art ideas

Garden Art

Want to add a little whimsey to your garden? Flowers and colorful plants surely bring life into our homes, but sometimes we still feel the need to add more to make it merrier. If you – or your children, think your garden needs more life, these garden art ideas can turn your yard into a wonderland! […]

Eight and a half ‘no dig’ ways to grow the humble spud!

Potato Planters

Fresh is best and that applies to the humble spud as much as any other food! But potatoes are typically very inexpensive when store-bought so is it really worth the effort to grow them yourself? Because potatoes are a high-yielding crop, you only need to set aside a small area to grow them.  The whole […]

Cool murphy beds that maximize small spaces

Cool Murphy Beds

If you’ve been shopping for a Murphy bed for your room, you probably know how expensive they are. Building one yourself can significantly reduce the cost, especially if you use some reclaimed materials. As a bonus, DIYing a Murphy bed lets you completely customize it so that it is truly, a one of a kind Murphy! Sure […]

How to make your own mosquito repelling citronella candles

DIY Mason Jar Citronella Oil Candles

It’s a beautiful, balmy night. You decide to sit out and do a little star gazing. Wonderful… until the mosquitoes find you! Human skin is a myriad jumble of fragrances. The bacteria living on our skin emit more than 200 odor chemicals. Mosquitoes are drawn to those odors. That’s why they swarm your barbecues and evening porch-sitting, […]

How to make your own concrete planter

DIY Concrete Planters

If you’re like us, you love to garden. There are few things better than stepping outside to work in the sun and soil, whether we’re puttering about in large landscapes or hunched over a few containers on a front stoop. We’re rewarded each day with sunshine, beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, delicious fruits, and vegetables. Planters are a wonderful […]