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Make a Real Indian Tandoor Oven Out of Terracotta Flower Pots in 3 Easy Steps!

DIY Flower Pot Tandoor Oven
Make a Real Indian Tandoor Oven Out of Terracotta Flower Pots in 3 Easy Steps!

Tandoori cooking is one of the world’s favourites. Although most of us think of Tandoori foods as being Indian (think Tandoori Chicken with the freshest Naan bread), it’s a style used from the Caucasus, down through Turkey and the Middle East right through to South Asia.  The secret to Tandoors is the very high temperatures achieved. Using charcoal or wood, burning inside the tandoor, temperatures can reach 450C (850F)!

The food is directly exposed to the flames and heat resulting in simultaneous radiant heat cooking, hot-air, convection cooking, and smoking from the oils, fats, and food juices that drip down onto the charcoal. This type of oven, powered by charcoal or wood, cooks food through radiant heat produced within the oven itself. If built properly, your tandoor oven can cook at 480 degrees Celsius or higher. What’s great about this outdoor cooker is that you can maintain desired cooking temperature even when you have some strong wind blowing.

DIY Flower Pot Tandoor Oven
Indian Tandoor Oven

You can make a dolly for your tandoor oven so it is easier to move around when needed. And you can choose to buy smaller pots for when you plan to use them while travelling by land in a trailer or wagon. It is mobile like a grill, and conservers its heat and fire like your typical oven.

Practical Indian tandoor ovens.

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What are the materials needed to make an Indian tandoor oven?

To make an Indian tandoor oven, you’ll need a few materials. Most importantly, you’ll need a clay pot. You can find these at most home improvement stores. You’ll also need a pot stand to support the pot, general-purpose gravel and a grill to place inside the pot. Finally, you’ll need some charcoal.

Now start gathering the needed materials and cook some delicious Indian food!


  • 1 pc 15cm Flower Pot
  • 2 pcs 30cm Flower Pot
  • 1 pc 43cm Flower Pot
  • 1 set of Pot Stands
  • 1 bag of General Purpose Gravel
  • Grill
  • Marker/Tape


  • Old All-purpose Saw

How to make an Indian tandoor oven?

If you love Indian food, you’ll know that a big part of what makes it so delicious is the tandoor oven. Tandoori chicken, naan bread and lamb skewers are just some of the mouth-watering dishes that come out of this special clay oven.

Once you have all your materials, you’re ready to start making your tandoor oven!

So, how do you make your own tandoor oven? It’s actually not as difficult as you might think. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Combine the three flower pots

To make the tandoor oven, first, carefully place the small flowerpots inside the big flowerpot.

To make the tandoor oven, first, carefully place the small flowerpots inside the big flowerpot. Make sure that the small pots are placed securely inside the large pot so that they don’t move around or tip over during the cooking process.

2. Place the general-purpose gravel

Place the general-purpose gravel in spaces between the flowerpots as insulation.

Once the small pots are in place, fill the spaces between the flowerpots with general-purpose gravel, up to the level of the rim of the small pots. The general-purpose gravel will help to insulate the heat, and will also act as a weight to keep the small pots in place.

3. Add the charcoals

Adding the charcoals to the small tandoori oven and starting the fire is easy and fun!

Enjoy cooking with this unique and flavorful method! 😎

This video tutorial will be a great help when you start making your own tandoor!

Thanks to Nick Collins for this great project.
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