Casa Rana
Tiruvannamalai, India – Made in Earth Built Area:     150.0 m2...
Casa Invisible
Austria – Delugan Meissl Associated Architects Built Area:     50.0...
House Zilvar
Lodín, Czech Republic – ASGK Design Built Area:     83.0 m2...
House of 33 Years
Nara, Japan – ASSISTANT Built Area:     76.0 m2 Year Built: ...
A Garden Pavilion in Zurich
Zürich, Switzerland – Oliv Brunner Volk Architekten Built Area:   ...
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Recycled, upcycled and repurposed

Spin-out dog treat game

Want something fun for your pets? Get some plastic bottles for this simple project that keeps them busy and entertained! It’s very easy to make and

DIY Cupboard Door Art Desk

DIY Cupboard Door Art Desk

A lot of kitchens are dumped every week and if you’re into DIY projects, then there’s a treasure trove that you don’t want to miss.

Day beds and reading nooks

Window Seats

Window seats offer far reaching benefits. For a start, they are incredibly space efficient. Next, they get lots of natural light so are great for


DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse

Looking for a simple project to decorate your yard? Why not make this DIY clay pot lighthouse? This quick project is very easy to do


Pantry Cabinet Ideas

A well designed pantry is an absolute blessing. Whether you use your pantry to store bulk shopping or just like to be able to see


DIY Corner Cabinet Drawers

Corner cupboards in kitchens tend not to work very well. “Lazy Susan’s’ help but it’s still not easy to store and find. The owners of

Repurpose Old Boats
Recycled, upcycled and repurposed

10 amazing ways to repurpose old boats

Having a boat that you can go fishing in or just enjoy the beautiful sunset while you’re out on the water is great. But having a

Bonsai Trees
Landscaping and garden

The Extraordinary Beauty of Bonsai…

The art of bonsai is another wonderful example of human ingenuity. Bonsai does not refer to a particular type of tree, but rather a gardening technique

Trellis made from old spring bed.
DIY projects

Trellis From Recycled Materials

Need a simple trellis that won’t cost you a fortune? Making your own trellis has never been this easy or cheap! These trellises won’t cost

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