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6 Awesome and Unique Crib and Cradle Ideas

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Unique Crib and Cradle Ideas

Expecting a baby for the first time? Then it’s also time to get that baby shopping list ready!

First up, the crib and cradle! Now we know how exciting it is to buy a brand new baby crib, but here’s an idea that could be even more exciting. 😉

A good crib and cradle can be a defining factor in child development. In order to ensure that your child’s crib is the best, it can be, shop online and be sure to consider such factors as durability, safety, comfort, and style.

Dream On Me Luna/Haven Cradle, Pebble Grey

While you are shopping online, look for a store with a proven track record, a good selection of related products, and easy-to-search site navigation.

But if you don’t want to buy a new crib and cradle, then make your baby’s bed even more special with these unique cribs and cradle ideas!

Unique Crib Cradle Ideas

You can build them yourself or you can look for someone who will custom-build them for you.

Some of these unique cribs and cradles are even available for purchase online, made and sold by individual builders. 🙂

Unique Crib Cradle Ideas

Do you want to be the coolest parents your kids will ever know? These ideas will definitely do the trick!

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Graco Pack 'N Play On The Go Playard, Kagen
Truck Crib with Changing Table

Sure there are cribs that come with a changing table. But have you seen one that is also a truck? It doesn’t only look cute and awesome, it makes the job easier too. This is definitely number one on our list!

This multi-purpose crib and cradle project are not only for baby boys but definitely, for baby girls, all you need to do is to change the color of the paint.

Rocking Chair Cradle

Using this rocking chair cradle will not only help your baby sleep but it will also help you relax! This will make life easier for all the bleary-eyed parents. And when the kids outgrow the crib it makes great yarn storage and knitting chair.

Before starting the project find a mattress and cushion of your choice and adjust the plan’s dimensions accordingly.

Moon Shaped Cradle

Now, this is a DIY Crib that makes the perfect bedroom decor, too! But that’s not the only thing we love about the moon-shaped cradle – it makes picking up or laying down your child easier and it’s very inexpensive to make since you can build one using reclaimed timber!

You may paint it with your favorite color or according to your child’s gender but just a clear finish will give it a natural rustic look.

Wine Barrel Cradle

Oh you know, just another awesome wine barrel upcycling project. 😉 The reason why you should use a wine barrel as a cradle and crib for your baby is that wine barrels are made from natural oak and other reliable hardwood.

If you do not have enough money to buy a cradle and crib, using a wine barrel will be the best choice. A Crib and Cradle made from wine barrels are very durable, safe, and comfortable. The oak and hardwood are very soft and smooth.

Also, wine barrels can be found almost anywhere around your house.

Pumpkin Carriage Cradle

Aiming for a fairytale-themed bedroom design? Then the pumpkin carriage crib is the one for you!

Cardboard Cradle

OK – this is not a DIY crib. It’s Album di Famiglia’s Customizable Cardboard Cot that costs $255. How is it customizable? Well since it’s a cardboard box, you can decorate it any way you want – paint it or simply write your baby’s name on the side… What are your thoughts on this unusual crib?

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