A Guide On Removing A Tree Stump On Your Own

If you’ve recently had a tree removed from your property and are looking forward to getting rid of the remaining stump all by yourself, you have several options to do so. You can either grind it, dig it out, burn it, or use chemicals to get rid of it. If you’re planning to consider the […]

How to remodel your garden? 5 ideas that everyone should try

It’s always a good time to improve and remodel your garden! After all, sticking to the same old landscape year after year might get kind of dull and boring at one point. Redesigning and remodeling your outdoor space is a project that could make you love your garden all over again. If you are looking […]

Lawn Fire Pits: 5 Safety Requirements

Unless you have a purpose-built fireplace away from your grass, the ideal placement for your fire may be on the lawn. Here’s how to protect your turf while enjoying a backyard fire pit.

8 Awesome Aquarium and Fish Pond Ideas for Your Backyard

Having a pond or aquarium in your backyard doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Glass aquariums are pricey, require constant maintenance, and are not always attractive, especially outdoors. Well, there are other options that are just as visually attractive if not more at a fraction of the price of the conventional aquariums. You can […]

Photos Of Geometrical Plants For People Who Love Symmetry

Geometrical Plants

If you take the time to know more about nature, you’ll be amazed at the many wonders it offers — and geometrical plants are just one of them. There are plants that double as home decors because of their beauty. One look and you’ll immediately know why. Geometrical plants are a wonderful addition to any […]

Inexpensive Rim BBQ Fire Pit

People love to barbecue for many reasons. It’s a great way to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. Cooking outdoors also allows you to enjoy the natural flavours of food. When done right, barbecuing can be a healthy cooking method. Food cooked over an open fire outdoors is naturally fresher. Grilling outdoors is a great way […]

Bare House

Herzliya, Israel – Jacobs -Yaniv Architects Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     270.0 m2 Photographs :     Amit Geron Bare House is a family home designed to meet the needs of a couple and their two children. The homeowners are architects and it took them 6 long years to finally come up […]

Extraordinary Wishing Well Planter: 1-Day Project

Wishing Well Planter Recycled Tires

Put some magic in your garden with this great décor idea – a wishing well planter made from recycled tires! It’s the perfect addition to your garden and it’s so easy to make. A wishing well planter is an excellent way to display your love of nature and the environment. It is made from a […]

Low-Cost Clay Pot Lighthouse in 5 Simple Steps

Looking for a simple project to decorate your yard? Why not make this DIY clay pot lighthouse? This quick project is very easy to do and would only take a couple of hours of your time. You could use a battery-operated or solar light for safe and more inexpensive lighting. It’s great decorative lighting that would really […]

Fences – sustainable, durable and beautiful

In Mending Wall, poet Robert Frost decries the saying that “Good fences make good neighbors”. It’s a beautiful piece of writing but I feel the saying has great relevance in an urban setting. Fences do help define the boundaries between public and private, yours and mine. But all too often, those same fences are drab and […]

Bonsai – An Extraordinary Beauty

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is a centuries-old art form that originated in Japan. It involves the growing of various trees in small pots or trays, and the careful pruning and shaping of these trees to create living sculptures. These trees are often quite small, and they are highly prized for their beauty and the amount of time and […]

5 Creative DIY Trellis From Recycled Materials

Trellis made from old spring bed.

If you are looking for a way to organize or spruce up your garden, then a trellis would be the thing for you. But a DIY trellis is a structure created to support climbing plants. It provides a solid structure for them to climb, while also providing privacy and preventing the plants from blocking your […]

Beautiful DIY Garden Paths And Inspiration

The Garden Path

Lead me up the garden path 😀 Building a well-designed garden path is a great way to take your visitors for a tour around your yard. It guides them to the areas you want them to see. Your garden path also connects various parts of your garden, giving it a sense of order and cohesiveness. […]

Extraordinary Dry Creek Bed Gardens

Even though Australia has had devastating floods in the last couple of years, it wasn’t long ago that most major cities and towns (big and small) were under major water restrictions. In her wonderful poem “My Country”, Dorothea McKellar, summarised the Australian climate in just one line, as a land “…of droughts and flooding rains”. […]

11 Interesting Garden Edge Ideas

Garden Edging Ideas

Sometimes it’s great to have your garden edge merge with your lawn, especially if you’re using a groundcover. But, more often than not, a defined edge is a better option. Garden edging defines your garden and also gives you a clean edge to mow up to. If you’re looking for some edging ideas, here’s a […]

8 Popular Houseplants That Can Survive Your Constant Neglect

Golden Barrel Cactus

No matter how small your home or yard, there are plants that will help to ‘make a house a home by adding houseplants for your home improvements. But if your lifestyle is such that you have little time to care for any plants, we’ve got the answer for you. If you’re looking for houseplants that […]

Look… No Triangles!

Each corbelled bamboo beam member is bolted to the column which helps achieve a rigid frame

By Guest Blogger Munir Vahanvati The use of triangles is one of the fundamental principles for bamboo construction which is commonly used in most bamboo structures for stability and rigidity. Keeping with our principle of exploring new designs and connections in every project we decided to challenge the notion of using triangulation for structural stability. […]

Easy to Install Outdoor Garden Sink

Outdoor Garden Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the essential fixtures in any household. It is where we perform many vital tasks, such as washing our hands, preparing food, and cleaning dishes. That is why it is essential to keep your kitchen sink in good working order. An outdoor garden sink on the other hand is a […]

8 Practical Awesome Ways To Use Gabions

Gabion Used for Outdoor Cooking

What are Gabions? A Gabion is a constructed enclosed case full of selected materials such as rocks, stone, sand, or concrete. The gabion’s primary purpose is to prevent erosion from construction by making use of its adjustable block structure that enables slope resilience. These are commonly used in engineering projects. Gabions are very strong structures […]

8 Effective DIY Compost Bin Ideas

DIY Compost Bin Ideas

Anyone who is growing or planning to grow their own produce should be composting as well. This ensures a healthy garden and a bountiful harvest. It’s easy, it’s free and it benefits the environment, too! To get started you’ll need a compost bin, of course! You can buy one but why not make one yourself using repurposed materials you might already have? The right […]

6 Unique and Elegant Water Wall Feature Ideas

Water Wall Ideas

A water feature can enhance any garden, patio, or home. They not only give the place a serene atmosphere, but these water walls are also great for decoration. The gentle sounds of steadily flowing water are pleasant to the ears and relaxing to an exhausted mind and body. That’s why having a water feature is great if you […]