Houseplants That Can Survive Your Constant Neglect

Houseplants That Can Survive Your Constant Neglect
Houseplants That Can Survive Your Constant Neglect

No matter how small your home or yard, there are plants that will help to ‘make a house a home. But if your lifestyle is such that you have little time to care for any plants, we’ve got the answer for you. There are plants that even the ‘brownest’ thumb will have trouble killing. In fact, they thrive on neglect!

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06/06/2022 05:17 am GMT

Most houseplants can be difficult to maintain as they require a lot of care.  Fortunately, there are also plants well suited for those of you who constantly forget to tend to your plants, but still want some greenery in your home.


Here’s a list of houseplants that can survive your constant neglect…

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Golden Barrel Cactus

Desert Rose

Burro’s Tail



Ghost Plant


Sago Palm

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