DIY Salvaged Spool Ottoman

DIY Salvaged Spool Ottoman - Finished  Salvaged Spool Ottoman

If you can manage to get your hands on an old timber spool, this project will give you an ottoman for a fraction of the cost of a store bought one. Best of all you’ll be able to tell people that you made it yourself! All you need — aside from the tools and materials listed […]

DIY Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

DIY Geodesic Dome Greenhouse - Finished Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

A geodesic greenhouse!  They work well, look good and are much easier to make than you might think. Even in mild climates a greenhouse can let you enjoy summer favourites in the middle of winter, while in cold climates, they can get your seedlings started long before the last frost. If you’ve been thinking about […]

DIY Rotating Can Dispenser

Canned food arrived in our cupboards by way of the British inventor and businessman Bryan Donkin. Donkin bought a patent for a tin food container designed to be sealed and heated to preserve food. The inventor behind the patent was a Frenchman named Philippe Girard. Donkin bought the patent for £1,000 and spent two years […]

DIY Cob Oven

Why order pizza when you can bake your own? Not only do you save money, but you’re also sure that what you serve your family is fresh and nutritious! Serving freshly baked pizza and bread in your outdoor living area is a great way to entertain your family and friends. But you don’t have to […]

DIY Farm Table with Beer/Wine Coolers

DIY Farm Table with Beer/Wine Coolers - Materials

Why settle for a boring, everyone’s got one, single function outdoor table. This DIY farm table has a lot to offer but won’t take a lot of time or money to build. It’s solid, the rustic look is perfect for your outdoor living space. This table is designed for entertaining! The inbuilt cooler will keep […]

DIY Chaise Lounge with Storage

DIY Chaise Lounge with Storage - Make the curved backrest piece

A chaise is a lovely place to sit and relax, but they do take up a lot of floor area. Adding a hidden storage however,  offsets the loss of space — and makes it a great piece of furniture to add to your home! This kind of furniture is best added to the living room […]

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how stuffed toys seem to both miraculously multiply and migrate to every corner of the house. They’ll even sometimes make a break for freedom and somehow manage to get as far as the yard!  They also have a habit of taking up an enormous amount of space. But try convincing a […]

DIY Hanging Bed

DIY Hanging Bed - Framing

Who hasn’t enjoyed a lazy summer nap on a porch swing or in a backyard hammock? If only you could only re-create that easy, sweet, lazy feeling in your own bedroom. Well, if you want to wake up to the reality of a hanging bed, this is definitely a project for you! This bed is […]

Turn a wine barrel into a dog bed

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed - Sand and Scrap

Dogs are not just pets – they’re family. If you are looking for a beautiful bed for your furry friend to sleep in, this might be for you! This dog bed is made from a repurposed wine barrel. It’s strong and sturdy, perfect for your playful pet. You can find commercially manufactured dog beds like […]

DIY Fire Truck Bunk Bed

DIY Fire Truck Bunk Bed - Finished Fire Truck Bunk Bed

Kids love bunk beds, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them happy. By building a bunk bed like this fire truck, you can significantly cut down the cost. And if you spend a couple of hours every weekend on this project, time shouldn’t be an issue. If a fire […]

DIY Cobble Stone Path

DIY Cobble Stone Path - Finding spot

Gardens are not just about plants and flowers, it’s also a great space to enhance because you can do many things to it. You can build an outdoor grill area or fireplace, a wishing well, or a small playground for the kids. But if you have the space for these things then you can make […]

DIY Wood Wall Accent

DIY Wood Wall Accent - Wall

We’d bet that few are surprised that natural design elements are currently a hit among homeowners and designers alike. Wood is the undoubted leader in the category with modern homes embracing the warmth and natural elegance of the material. Whether you use it in the bedroom, bathroom or living areas, this wood accent wall project will […]

DIY Hoop Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a great way to extend your vegetable growing season in a cold climate. Building your own can help you save a lot of money as well as allowing you to customize the size to suit your needs. This greenhouse is built for starting seedlings, technically known as a propagation house. But what is […]

DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed - Fence

There’s nothing more peaceful than knowing your kids are well-fed and healthy. But expenses can go crazy high with vegetable prices at the supermarket, especially if you plan to go full-on salad recipe and smoothie snacks for the whole week. With this kind of dilemma, it’s only probable to think that starting a garden would […]

How to Build a Custom Craft Desk

DIY Custom Craft Desk - Drill 2 holes on each side

One of the best things about being a DIYer is the sheer pleasure that comes with building something new. It is no surprise then that some of our favorite pieces of furniture are hand-made! Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few fantastic DIY projects. People build some of the best, most practical furniture – […]

Build your own backyard flagstone pathway

Foot traffic wear patterns are the most common backyard problem. And when it rains you can instantly notice the bare patches turn to mud due to past erosion. Making a flagstone pathway is an easy and inexpensive solution. Because no two flagstone pieces are alike, you can create a very unique structure that can come in a […]

DIY Backyard Pergola

Pergolas are not only architecturally attractive, but when you add some climbing plants, can provide some protection from the summer sun. This structure is great for any yard as it adds beauty without consuming too much of the space. Its beautiful frames blend well with its environment, making people enjoy the outdoors while still giving a sense of […]

DIY Backyard Fountain

Installing a water feature can be backbreaking work when it comes to digging. This pot plant water feature will give a great effect without a lot of physical labor. Materials: Ceramic pot of your liking (base of the pot must be smaller than the diameter of a 5-gallon bucket) 5-gallon bucket (metal) Aluminum L-brackets Screen […]

Earth Sheltered Greenhouse

DIY Earth Sheltered Greenhouse - Building area

Building an earth-sheltered greenhouse is an eco-friendly way of growing plants. This greenhouse is relatively simple to construct and much cheaper than conventional pre-manufactured greenhouses. The controlled climate of an earth shelter should help you grow produce, no matter what the weather. They’re protected from heavy rains, winds, and frost, and since the greenhouse is solar […]

DIY Easy Access Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are easy on your back and will give your plants good drainage and generally better soil quality. By building this U-shaped garden bed, you’ll also get easier access to all your plants. This raised garden bed will improve the experience of growing your own food. Not to mention the health benefits you […]

How to make a goat barn from pallets!

In need of an animal shelter or storage in your yard? If you want to keep it simple, why not make one with old pallets? Pallets are strong and, if you know where to look, plentiful. They also make great sheds, shelters, and barns! They will last for years as long as you keep them off […]

Homemade Chicken Coop

Homemade Chicken Coop - Hen house siding

Backyard chickens are great at eating kitchen scraps and bugs in the garden (and providing free eggs in return), but they do need somewhere safe at night, from predatory animals. That’s why you need a chicken coop if you have chickens in your yard. Here’s a homemade coop that impressed us. If you have chickens […]

DIY Canned Food Cabinet

Doing your own preserving and canning is a great way to store in season produce for a later date. But being able to store it can be a challenge. Here’s an effective storage unit that will help you store bulk goods, cans and preserves for a very small investment. Building one is quick and easy, […]

DIY Laundry Basket Dresser

DIY Laundry Basket Dresser - Cutting

Even if you do have a well-organized laundry room, you’ve always got another aspect of laundry organization to consider. That is, how to sort and collect dirty clothes from around your home and then how to return them once they are cleaned. Well, here’s a simple way to sort your dirty washing.  One for colors, […]