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Captivating DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Apart from the fact that they can make any room look more spacious, timber flooring offers warmth and beauty that can’t be duplicated by carpet, tile or laminate.

When you are decorating your home you need to take into consideration that the floor is an important part of any room.  Your house may be full of beautiful furniture pieces, but what you do with the floor is going to make all the difference in the style and design of your home.

When it comes to flooring, a lot of people overlook the small aspects of it. Sure, people look at the furniture and decor of one’s home, but a lot of people don’t think about how the flooring of their home affects the room.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Completed floor

Wood never becomes outdated. Other options may have patterns, styles and colours, but these give them a limited lifespan. Timber is timeless, and when it needs updating, you can simply refinish your floor rather than replace it.

If you love the idea of timber flooring, but don’t have the budget, this project could be the solution. Reclaimed woods are getting popular for wood flooring. The types range from old-growth Appalachian hardwoods to former-industrial-site pine.

There is an amazing array of colours and textures to choose from, and it’s great for saving the environment. If you can get your hands on enough reclaimed wood flooring you’ll end up with a very unique timber floor.

This is normally done with wood that is either too old, too damaged or has been taken from a building that has since been demolished.

There are several advantages of using reclaimed wood flooring such as the fact that it is normally very cheap compared to newly treated wood flooring.

Reclaimed wood flooring is flooring that has been taken from a previous building and then given a second life in a new environment. They are awesome for your floors. It offers that beautiful rustic appeal to your home.

It’s also much cheaper than brand new wood floors. However, this isn’t the type of wood you’ll find at your local hardware store. You’ll have to find a place that sells reclaimed wood.

If you are planning to install reclaimed wood floors, your first step will be to select a mover who can get the wood to your home. Once you have your wood flooring, you can choose the best flooring installation technique that meets your needs.

The most common types of wood flooring installation are floating, adhesive and nail down. Each of these methods has its own advantages – and its own drawbacks. The next step is to find the right flooring installer.

That’s the hard part. Finding someone to install your reclaimed wood is important. Using proper flooring installation techniques is essential to ensure that your floors are safe.

When renovating an old home, homeowners often encounter issues with floors. Old floors often need to be replaced or fixed, and homeowners often choose wood flooring.

Reclaimed wood flooring offers homeowners a more affordable option than buying brand new floors. However, reclaimed wood floors can also be tricky to refinish.

Fortunately, homeowners can easily fix and fix up reclaimed wood floors with a little bit of know-how.

Do you think your flooring needs to be upgraded? Why not try using reclaimed woods for a change.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring


  • Reclaimed Timber
  • Sealer
  • Finishing Coat
  • Nails


  • Tape Measure
  • Sander
  • Motorized Buffer
  • Crowbar
  • Table Saw
  • Nail Gun

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