DIY Hypertufa Planter

Tufa made by man, not nature!
Tufa made by man, not nature!

Want something different for your garden? These hypertufa planters could be the right one for you!

The pale gray and ivory monoliths jutting out on the shores of California’s Mono Lake may look like eerie art installations, but they occur naturally and are actually limestone formations.

Tufa is a variety of limestone, and the Mono Lake rock formations are famous for their otherworldly beauty.

You can imitate the beauty of real tufa limestone using the ingredients below. And of course, when you make something yourself, you can have it whatever shape and size you like.


  • 2 parts Portland Cement
  • 3 parts Perlite (or vermiculite)
  • 3 parts Peat Moss (or sawdust)
  • Water


  • Measuring Container
  • Container for mixing dry ingredients
  • Waterproof Gloves

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 You can get step by step instructions here…

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