House in La Juanita

José Ignacio, Uruguay – Delfina Riverti, FRAM arquitectos Built Area: 100.0 m2 Year Built: 2018 Photographs: Fernando Schapochnik House in La Juanita enjoys the nearness of the beach while being enveloped by forest. It’s a minimalist two-volume wooden structure that sits right at home in its surroundings. The area is surrounded by tall trees and shrubs, […]

Moose Road

Ukiah, United States – Mork-Ulnes Architects Built Area: 105.91m2 Year Built: 2013 Photographs: Bruce Damonte Moose Road House is a simple getaway retreat, carefully designed to maximize the views. Its three-fingered plan frames breath-taking sights – Eagle Rock, vineyards, and a mountain ridge. Building the house required the use of low-cost engineered materials to deal […]

Le Poulailler

Quebec, Canada – eba architecture Built Area: 130.53 m2 Year Built: 2017 Photographs: Joël Gingras/Apy-D Le Poulailler House is an addition project to an existing brick building that’s been on the site for at least a hundred years. The architect was careful to preserve the old structure as it introduces a new one. The result […]

Orange Lemon House

Quito, Ecuador – Daniel Moreno Flores Built Area: 65.0 Year Built: 2017 Photographs: Andrés Villota Pelusa, Santiago Vaca Jaramillo Orange Lemon House is a compact house built in a span of two month. The reason for the fast construction was because the owners wanted to move in quickly – to stop paying for rent and actually […]

Villa Kristina

Gothenburg, Sweden – Wingardhs Built Area: 182.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: James Silverman Villa Kristina is a contemporary home with obvious touches of Scandinavian architecture. It’s a cozy and dreamy home that features playful details. As a result, the overall vibe is elegant, fresh, and artistic. The home’s clever design reflects the amount of thought that was put […]

Jirisan House

Hamyang-gun, South Korea – Bang Keun YOU Built Area: 170.0 m2 Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Kwang Sik JUNG Jirisan House is hard to miss – or difficult to ignore. Its striking red color is eye-catching, after all. It sits on a mountain, surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The area is like poetry that came alive. With […]

L House

La Costa Partido, Argentina – Estudio PKa Built Area: 175.0 sqm Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Alejandro Peral L House derives its name from its shape – an L-shaped structure that offers the best of both worlds. It sits in an area surrounded by evergreen trees and shrubs with the sound of the sea in the background. The […]

C-Glass House

Dillon Beach, United States – Deegan Day Design Built Area: 195.1 m2 Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Taiyo Watanabe C-Glass House stands on a spectacular site, carefully oriented to maximize the views. Its location provides a beautiful contrast – gravel and grass leading to the ocean. The morning sun hits the east side of the house, bouncing off translucent glass […]

Hemishofen House

Hemishofen, Switzerland – Dost Built Area:     151.0 m2 Year Built:     2014 When viewed from a distance, Hemishofen House appears to be an architecturally impossible structure. This cottage home, standing near the Rhine river bank, looks like it’s standing on stilts. Additionally, there appears to be no visible staircase which one can use to […]

La Colombière

Sutton, Canada – yH2 Built Area: 120.0 m2 Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Francis Pelletier This small wooden cabin in the forest has sparked the interest of many because of its interesting design. From the outset, it looks like a bird hut due to its shape. This explains why it’s called La Colombière, or the Dovery. It was […]

Höller House

Alberschwende, Austria – Innauer-Matt Architekten Built Area: 132.0 m2Year Built: 2016Photographs: Adolf Bereuter Höller House is a vision of simplicity. It stands on a hillside in the beautiful Bregenzerwald Valley of Western Austria where several homes are already found. In a community where homes differ in artistic value and size, Höller House stands out because […]

House on an Island

Cranberry Isles, United States – Elliott + Elliott Architecture Built Area: 73.4 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Jeff Roberts House on an Island is a two-structure summer house that’s connected together by a 12-foot deck. It was built as an addition to an existing century old farmhouse. The main building houses the great room, a bedroom, and bathroom. […]

Casa Rana

Tiruvannamalai, India – Made in Earth Built Area:     150.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Casa Rana is a concrete building that uses color to turn it into a lively and spirited landscape. It features a bamboo curtain which acts as a partition between the indoors and the outdoors. It’s a home for HIV positive children […]

Casa Invisible

Austria – Delugan Meissl Associated Architects Built Area:     50.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Christian Brandstaetter Casa Invisible is a residential building with a completely reflective façade. This allows the structure to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. It’s a prefabricated and transportable unit that can be assembled and placed almost anywhere. Because of […]

House Zilvar

Lodín, Czech Republic – ASGK Design Built Area:     83.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Petra Hajska House Zilvar is an energy-efficient home that’s surrounded by forests and fields. It’s the home of a single family – a couple with a young child. They wanted a low-energy home with an open-plan layout. Their brief was […]

House of 33 Years

Nara, Japan – ASSISTANT Built Area:     76.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Shinkenchiku-sha, Tadasu Yamamoto House of 33 years is a unique home, made of several wood-framed pavilions inside a large steel frame. This frame forms the home’s exterior. It’s owned by an elderly couple who decided they wanted to move into a […]

A Garden Pavilion in Zurich

Zürich, Switzerland – Oliv Brunner Volk Architekten Built Area:     130.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Eliane Rutishauser, Christian Brunner The structure stands in the garden of a villa that was built in the 1920s. It’s surrounded by dense foliage and old trees. Although the whole space is divided into two levels, all […]

Lucia’s Garden

Gongju-si, South Korea – studio_GAON Built Area:     35.44 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Youngchae Park Lucia’s Garden is a refurbished small house that was first built in the 60s. The architects involved in the project took great care in the design of the house. The result is a home that pays respect to its […]

Mod Cott

Silver Creek Village, United States – Mell Lawrence Architects Built Area:     130.0 m2 Year Built:     2008 Photographs:    Jacob Termansen, Mell Lawrence Architects Mod Cott is a charming guest house that sits above a lake. It’s a modern structure with stunning views of the adjacent Texas landscape. The house requires zero maintenance and has a […]

Water Street

Tucson, United States – Rob Paulus Architects Built Area:     160.0 m2 Year Built:     2012 Photographs:    Liam Frederick Water Street is an addition project to an existing bungalow. The original structure sits on a long plot of land. In order to maximize space, a master suite was added, along with a new guest house. The […]

Vacation House Havblik

Kikhavn, Denmark – Mette Lange Architects Built Area:     128.0 m2 Year Built:     2015 Photographs:    Frans Ahlbom Vacation House Havblik, as the name implies, is a holiday home in an old charming Danish fishing village. It boasts of beautiful sunset scenery over the sea with additional views of the surrounding hilly landscape. Because it sits […]


Gimpo-si, South Korea – mmArchitects Built Area:     149.0 m2 Year Built:     2016 Photographs:    Lim Jaesun Synode is home to a small family who had a rather unique design brief for their home. They were focused on having ample spaces for their hobbies and for entertaining friends. It’s actually composed of two homes and […]

Nolla Cabin

Vallisaari, Finland – Studio Mr. Falck Built Area:     9.0 m2Year Built:     2018Photographs:    Fanny Hagman Nolla is an A-frame mirrored mobile cabin that’s meant to be a holiday home. It was built using sustainable materials such as local pine and plywood. The space is very small, just the size of a small bedroom. It has […]

Mirror House

Almere, The Netherlands – Johan Selbing, Anouk Vogel Built Area:     120.0 m2 Year Built:     2013 Photographs:    Jeroen Musch Amsterdam’s Mirror House effortlessly blends with its surrounding landscape. It’s a private residence, the façade of which is fully made out of reflective glass. This makes the small home almost invisible as it projects its […]