DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed - Fence

There’s nothing more peaceful than knowing your kids are well-fed and healthy. But expenses can go crazy high with vegetable prices at the supermarket, especially if you plan to go full-on salad recipe and smoothie snacks for the whole week. With this kind of dilemma, it’s only probable to think that starting a garden would […]

DIY Backyard Fountain

Installing a water feature can be backbreaking work when it comes to digging. This pot plant water feature will give a great effect without a lot of physical labor. Materials: Ceramic pot of your liking (base of the pot must be smaller than the diameter of a 5-gallon bucket) 5-gallon bucket (metal) Aluminum L-brackets Screen […]

Earth Sheltered Greenhouse

DIY Earth Sheltered Greenhouse - Building area

Building an earth-sheltered greenhouse is an eco-friendly way of growing plants. This greenhouse is relatively simple to construct and much cheaper than conventional pre-manufactured greenhouses. Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎 […]

DIY Easy Access Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are easy on your back and will give your plants good drainage and generally better soil quality. By building this U-shaped garden bed, you’ll also get easier access to all your plants. This raised garden bed will improve the experience of growing your own food. Not to mention the health benefits you […]

DIY Screened Raised Garden Bed

DIY Screened Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed gives you a lot of advantages. The biggest beneficiary is your back, of course, but other advantages include being able to arrange your garden the way you want it, makes watering easy and adds visual appeal to your garden. The raised garden bed featured here has an added pest ‘gate’ that helps you […]

Homemade Greenhouse

Whether you want to start seedlings, grow exotic plants, or raise your own vegetables, a greenhouse is the best way to get outstanding results. For many people, spending time in their greenhouse also provides a welcome respite from the chaos of the day. But buying a new greenhouse can be expensive a bought one might […]

Relax in your yard even without trees with this DIY hammock stand!

DIY Hammock Stand

Hammocks aren’t just for relaxing family holidays – although they are excellent for that. They can also improve your mental and physical health, , helping you become calmer, well-rested person. A study out of the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that swaying gently in a hammock can often cure insomnia. The gentle swing of a […]

DIY Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath

DIY Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath

Add water and they will come! A bird bath is a great water feature to add to your garden. AIl birds need to drink and most like to bathe.  In fact, after setting up a bird bath you’ll probably see species you didn’t even know were in your area. You may already have a bird […]

Compost bin you can build yourself in one day

DIY Compost Bin

Many see composting as a way to reduce and recycle household waste. While it’s true that minimizing waste is one significant benefit of composting, gardeners value compost for the abundance of organic nutrients it contains.  In fact, building your own compost bin is a great way to reduce your household waste and improve your garden’s soil […]

DIY Barrel Planter

Here’s how to make a cheap and cheerful vertical garden that will work in almost any space. And if you put wheels on it, it becomes a movable vertical garden. You’ll need these materials: 55-gallon Plastic Drum Barrel 6-inch Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Another 6-inch PVC Pipe (lighter duty) Permanent Marker Flexible Plastic Ruler 2 […]

Make your own mosaic bird bath

DIY Mosaic Bird Bath

Don’t know what to do with that old CD collection you don’t need anymore? Use them to attract birds in your garden by making a mosaic birdbath! CD’s have a wonderful tint that is sure to make your bird bath stand out in your garden. It’s an easy garden decor project that even lets you restore broken terra cotta […]

Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

We love our gardens. There is always a sense of contentment and tranquility that comes from observing either a single flower or the patchworks of color and texture in a well-tended garden. The same feeling comes from seeing fresh herbs spilling green and sweet-smelling out of a container. We simply can’t get enough of it. […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse — Benefits and How-To

DIY Dome Greenhouse

If you’re going to have a greenhouse in your back garden, it may as well look good too. This DIY greenhouse design does not only offer a beautiful structure in your yard, but also more benefits for you and your plants. There really is nothing like homegrown vegetables year round. And while all greenhouses do […]

DIY Barn Greenhouse

DIY Barn Greenhouse

A well designed greenhouse lets you control the weather. That means you can grow food or flowers all year round. Many of the greenhouses we’ve shown are meant only to last two or three seasons, but this one is designed and built to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a serious greenhouse model to base yours […]

DIY Raised Garden Bed With Cover

Make your gardening easy with this raised garden bed with cover! The success of your vegetable garden depends on a number of factors including how well they’re protected from outdoor elements. For example, depending on your location, your produce might be affected by strong winds, hot sun, frosts or all three in the same location! […]

DIY Garden Fountain

Water features are always an exciting addition to a garden. You can turn an otherwise nondescript little space into an oasis with the right kind. This could be a small pond you make yourself using a liner, a bubbling gravel fountain, or a large raised fountain. You can set up a water feature with descending […]

DIY Bicycle Planter

Got an old bicycle that’s seen better days? Why not turn it into a garden decoration/planter! There comes a time when that bicycle you enjoyed riding for years, needs to retire. You might even have that bike sitting in your garage right now . Don’t get rid of it yet because you can convert it into something […]

DIY Tire Planter

One of the greatest challenges we are facing is how to get rid of MANY millions of tires every year. Because tires are made of natural rubber and plastic, it’s easy to overlook how much they contribute to pollution. Tires are actually among the most common plastic polluters on earth. A 2017 study estimates that […]

DIY Wine Barrel Planter

DIY Wine Barrel Planter

Want to have an interesting planter for your outdoor space? How about this barrel planter? Having a garden could be one of the frustrations of those living in small homes where there are little to no outdoor area. If you can relate to this, a space-saving garden is a good solution! This 3-tiered planter comes […]

DIY Mosaic Lady Bugs

Mosaics are a great way to add some individuality to your home. These lady bugs would look cute in any outdoor space. It’s a beginner’s project where even the kids could help. Do you want to have these lady bugs in your garden? You’ll need these materials: Concrete Mix Tub – for mixing concrete Bowl […]

DIY Spiral Herb Garden

We reckon every home should have a herb garden! Herbs offer so many advantages – and not just for cooking. Some have a wonderful fragrance. Others can repel insects. Still, others simply look great. Then there are those like sage and lavender that do all of these! If you’ve been thinking of growing a herb […]

DIY Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Got an old wheelbarrow? Why not turn into a DIY fairy garden? A great addition to your yard! This fun gardening activity is one which you could do together with the kids. Or perhaps let them do all the work! 🙂 You’ll need these materials: Old Wheelbarrow Spray Paint Soil Miniature House Miniature Toys Small Plants […]

DIY Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are great if you have anything less than good soil and are also kind on gardener’s back. They are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers as they keep pathway weeds from the soil. Raised beds also prevent soil compaction and erosion, provide good drainage, and serve as a barrier […]

DIY Bamboo Trellis

A trellis is functional for some purposes in the garden. The most obvious use for a trellis is as a support for plants that vine. They are also excellent for decoration and privacy. Need a trellis? Why not make one using bamboo! This one measures 80x100cm, perfect for small spaces. By knowing how to tie […]