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8 Awesome DIY Garden Art Ideas

Garden Art Ideas
DIY garden art ideas

Want to add a little whimsey to your garden? Flowers and colourful plants surely bring life into our homes, but sometimes we still feel the need to add more to make them merrier. If you – or your children, think your garden needs more life, these garden art ideas can turn your yard into a wonderland!

If you have little kids at home, make it a family affair! You can make some of these DIY garden projects with them. They’ll learn how to recycle, repurpose and reuse as they’re also having lots of fun.

These beautiful garden art ideas will bring more life and fun to your home while giving you the opportunity to save — Mother Earth and your wallet! 😉

If you had all of these in your garden, you might have to hire a traffic controller! What do you think?

Garden Art
DIY garden art ideas

What are some of the best garden art ideas we can make?

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1. Hubcap Flower

Dads may have a couple of old hubcaps lying around the garage. Instead of throwing it all away, why not make colourful flower decors with them? Now that’s one less ‘trash’ in the garage area!

How to make a Hubcap Flower garden art?
  • Just simply wash and dry these hubcaps
  • Then spray paint them with different colours to make a flower design
  • You can add more plastics, and design these as the flower’s stem and leaves

Now you have beautiful flowers displayed in your garden!

2. Old Tires

Flat tires in the garage as well? Every year, we might be changing our tires. Imagine how many tires have we disposed of. Without knowing, we are contributing to our Earth’s damage. So instead of getting rid of them, why not turn them into cute ‘sculptures’ such as cartoon characters or giant teacups!

How to make an Old Tires garden art?
  • Just clean the tires thoroughly, and let them dry.
  • Then paint these old tires with your favourite colour, using acrylic paint.
  • You can pile these up, or cut them to create different forms, such as a swan, a cup, or whatever you can imagine.
  • When it’s all done, just add some soil and your beautiful plants to it.

And now you have an attractive sculpture in your garden!

3. Soda Cans

Another trash artwork to work on is your soda cans. Instead of throwing these away, compile them and use them to decorate your garden. You can also use colourful empty soda cans to make butterflies and flowers. But we hope you’re not drinking too much soda enough for a bouquet! 😀

How to make the Soda Cans garden art?
  • First, wash these cans thoroughly, then let them dry
  • Draw some layout patterns, like flowers, leaves and butterflies
  • Cut them carefully
  • Glue to form the flower or butterfly shape
  • Paint them to highlight the design

And now you can scatter these designs all over your garden!

4. Ceiling Fan Blades

Aren’t these giant dragonflies cool to have around the garden? Simply put together ceiling fan blades and a table leg, and paint away!

How to make the Ceiling Fan Blades garden art?
  • First, wash these fan blades thoroughly, then let them dry
  • Paint them with bright colours to highlight the design
  • Glue to form the dragonfly shape

And now you can attach these fascinating dragonflies to your backyard fences or back walls!

5. Drum Barrels

If you love painting, then you can definitely add more colour to your garden by making your masterpiece on your rain barrels or drum planters!

How to make the Drum barrels garden art?
  • Just clean the drum barrels thoroughly, and let them dry.
  • Then paint these old drum barrels with your favourite colour, using acrylic paint.
  • You can add a faucet at the bottom to make it your drum container or you can add a few small holes underneath the barrels and turn it into a drum planter.
  • When it’s all done, just add some soil and your beautiful plants to it.

And now you have a stunning drum planter or container in your backyard!

6. Stones

This ladybug rocks idea is for the kids! Make it their weekend project, yes?

How to make the ladybug Stone art?
  • This is so easy, just gather and choose the smooth and firm shape stones
  • Then clean these stones, using acrylic paint
  • And paint them to design a ladybug shape

And now you can scatter these cute stones all over your garden!

7. Terra Cotta Pots

These terra cotta examples definitely bring more life to the garden. I can imagine having friendly gnomes to protect my house. How about you?

How to make a Terra cotta pot art?
  • Just gather and clean your old terra cotta pots and saucers
  • Paint them with different colours, using acrylic paint
  • Pile them up them according to the design you want, you can design a lighthouse, a horse or a mushroom as shown below.

And now you can decorate these gorgeous terracotta pots in your backyard!

8. Old Jeans

They could be creepy at first, but we think this would make a good and different version of a scarecrow! It’s also another great way to upcycle small jeans. What do you think?

How to make an Old Jeans Planter art?
  • Just gather and clean your old jeans
  • Fold or design them according to what your garden needs
  • To retain the shape, add a stand and soil.
  • Then add your beautiful plants to it.

Now you can display these enchanting old jeans planters in your backyard! 😉

We hope this inspired the creative gardeners in you! Do you have new ideas to share? 🙂
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