Outdoor Garden Sink

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How many times have you wished you had an outdoor sink? Well, who wouldn't want one, when it's so convenient especially when you have outdoor activities! If you've been putting…

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Raised Garden Bed Projects

Raised garden beds do offer a lot of benefits for gardeners. It makes tending to greens more convenient, especially for people experiencing lower back/knee pain. It could also prevent critters…

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DIY Miniature Hobbit Hole
How cute is this?

DIY Miniature Hobbit Hole

They are miniature gardens that sing with magic. Minute houses, tiny chairs, lawns, and ponds - fairy worlds which you can create in any space inside or out. They are…

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DIY Hand Planters
Hypertufa Hand Planters

DIY Hand Planters

If your tastes tend toward the unusual, these hands will appeal. Relax! These are 'armless hypertufa hands :D Hypertufa is a 'rock' made from aggregates bonded together with Portland cement.…

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DIY Arbor Trellis

An arbor makes a lovely entrance to a whole garden or just a garden room. With the added trellising, you can also grow your favourite creeper. Wisteria, jasmine, grapes? What would…

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