Artistic Home Renovation: Creative Decorating Ideas

Breathing life back into your home doesn’t have to involve remodeling it in a major way. It’s possible to achieve more of an impact and put your personal stamp on spaces that no longer feel fresh, with just a little redecoration. Better yet, if you’re keen to express your creativity as part of this process, […]

Give Your Home a Timeless Look with These Simple Steps

When it comes to decorating the home, many people strive to have a timeless and elegant look. While achieving a timeless look may seem like it requires a lot of effort, it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right design and decorating tips, creating a chic, sophisticated, and timeless look for your home can […]

7 Mural Wallpaper Ideas For Home + Tips on How to Install

Making your home look nice shouldn’t be boring, and you can make a mural right on your walls with the right colors and patterns.  Check out these 7 different wallpaper ideas as well as some tips on how to install them.  1. Colorful Designs When you’re decorating your kid’s bedroom, it’s important to make sure […]

10 Room Divider Ideas To Redefine Your Living Space

An open floor plan can be great as you can make the room look airier and wider. While it is ideal for making the room a bit brighter, it might not promote enough privacy as you can keep everything out in the open. On that note, adding a room divider can help add character, warmth, […]

5 Homeware Essentials For Your New Home

Moving into a new home typically comes with a lot of purchases. In most cases, that new house or apartment needs a lot of essentials that’ll turn it into your home. So, whether you’re moving into your first apartment, new house or simply replacing old homewares, you’ll need to be well-prepared financially.  Your homeware essentials […]

10 Clever Upcycled Soda Crate Projects

Soda Crates

Modern packaging may have its advantages, but it certainly lacks lasting appeal. Somehow, we just can’t see cardboard or shrinkwrap looking this good in another 30 years!   Does the rustic look fit your taste? Then soda crate projects will definitely suit your home! It seems everybody is jumping on the vintage bandwagon these days with […]

Upcycle Ceiling Fan Blades into Giant Dragonflies in 5 Easy Steps

Ceiling Fan Blades Dragonflies

Let giant dragonflies invade your garden or yard by upcycling old ceiling fan blades! This outdoor decor is sure to make passers-by take a second look… Don’t have an old ceiling fan? Why not search your local thrift store? And while you’re there, go look for a straight but carved table leg because you’ll be needing it, […]

10 Awesome Ways to Re-Purpose Wine Bottles

Drink a bottle of wine, throw the empty in the recycling bin, right? Don’t drink wine? Then empty wine bottles are still pretty easy to come by!  A couple of quick calls and you’ll probably have all you need… Here are some great projects you can do with those empty bottles that will make you […]

Innovative Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a time-honoured tradition that families across the globe have enjoyed for centuries. This cherished custom typically involves the selection and decoration of a large evergreen tree, which is often placed in a prominent location within the home. For many, the Christmas tree is seen as a symbol of hope and good […]

10 Innovative Rustic Log Decor Ideas

Rustic Log Decor Ideas

If you are looking to make your house a little homey, why not consider these log decor ideas? If you are looking at giving your home a touch of that rustic and homey feel that is often found in country homes, then these log decor ideas will surely satisfy you! Elements that bring a little […]

Creative and Unusual Mailbox Designs

Creative Unusual Mailbox Ideas

Have you ever thought of upgrading your mailbox? Well, we all love creative project ideas that make every home unique and express the individuality of its owner. If you, too, love designing and doing DIY projects for things around your house, you will enjoy this collection! This album is about unusual and creative mailbox designs you don’t get […]

Sengled Pulse – music and light as one!

OK – I’ve been a part of the tech scene for over 30 years and I really thought I was pretty much over the tech ‘wow’ factor. But these Pulse lights definitely rate a big ‘WOW’. On the one hand, it’s one of those classic ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inventions. On the other, […]

Eight beautiful rain chain ideas

Rain Chain Ideas

Need to have your downspout replaced? Instead of buying boring pipes, why not make rain chains using recycled materials? Rain chains are a type of decorative downspout that capture and redirect rainwater from a roof. They are actually nothing new at all. The ancient Japanese and Chinese used them centuries ago. The rain chains of […]

Get creative with rattan ball patio lights!

Rattan Ball Lights

If you’re thinking of good patio lighting that you can use all year round, then this inexpensive project is for you! Simply replace rattan balls to suit any season or occasion… Good patio lighting is cheap and easy to install, but it pays huge dividends when you’re entertaining on the patio. In fact, the right lights […]

9 Wonderful Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Amazing Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Want to know how to improve your home interior using indoor plants? One or two of these beautiful ideas for displaying your plants might just suit your home! Indoor plant is a plant that is grown indoors, typically in a pot because because they can add color and life to a space. Indoor plants are a great […]

Must-See Colorful Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens

Aah, don’t these balcony gardens make you wish you had one at home? Beautiful balcony gardens are not just for mansions — as long as you have a balcony, it’s possible! In fact, some people without balconies simply hang planter boxes near their windows to develop a similar-looking feature for their homes. If you’re looking to […]

Adorable DIY Terrariums

If you think your home could use a little more green, these simple terrarium ideas could be your simple solution! Terrariums are small enclosures used to grow a plant or a plant-like organism (in this case, mushrooms). Many terrarium enthusiasts have a fascination with keeping plants alive in absence of foliage, and for many people, the […]

Logs! – 41 Best reasons not to burn them!

A raised vege garden!

Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! The sun will keep you warm if you harness its energy and it will still be there tomorrow to do the same. Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so! Turning them into something great and still seeing […]

9 Best Tardis Projects For Dr. Who Fans

Tardis Projects

If you’re looking for a creative way to disguise your home storage, the TARDIS is a great option. Tardises are large, box-like structures that can be used to store a variety of items. Here are some beautiful tardis projects for those of you who are fans of Dr. Who! The TARDIS is a very fitting […]

Amazing DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Tables!

DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Table

Repurpose!  These timber spools end up in landfills. Give one a new life by turning it into a great-looking mosaic table! Use old, excess, or unwanted materials for your mosaic design such as china, colored tiles, or glass. You could also add some wheel casters under for easier mobility. Mosaic tiles are mostly made from […]

3 Awesome Repurposed Door Hallway Mantle

Here’s a perfect project for your hallway or entry. A Hallway Mantle from your old doors. Do you have a door in your home you aren’t using anymore? Know the many clever uses for it for the hallway! A Mantle is a decorative piece of wood or stone that is placed over the main door of […]

How To Make An Incredible DIY River Rock Doormat

DIY River Rock Doormat

Here’s the coolest doormat ever, and you can easily make one yourself! This is a great idea whether you need a mat for your enclosed porch or bathroom. River rocks are found on beaches and in stream beds. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. The rocks have many common applications. People use […]

Innovative DIY Concrete Candle Holders

Light up your yard with these DIY concrete candle holders! A candle can be used as a centrepiece on a table, it can be used as a light source, it can be used to keep away mosquitos and flies, it can be used to create a romantic ambience, and it can be used as an […]