Upcycled Soda Crate Projects

Upcycled Soda Crate Projects

Modern packaging may have its advantages, but it certainly lacks lasting appeal. Somehow, we just can’t see cardboard or shrinkwrap looking this good in another 30 years!  Does the rustic look fit your taste? Then soda crate projects will definitely suit your home!

It seems everybody is jumping on the vintage bandwagon these days with an abundance of “found” objects – from classic typewriters and old license plates to vintage turntables and cameras. Our favorite items, though, are the vintage wooden soda crates featured in sunny, outdoor settings in many catalogs. The cheerful wooden crates have so many more uses than just barbecues by the beach!

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05/18/2022 12:21 am GMT

If you want to add more style to your home interior with ‘rustic’ ideas, using soda crates is a good option. It’s a cheap material which you can sometimes find just discarded along the road. For most of these ideas, the more weathered your crates look, the more character your upcycled project has!

Do you have, or know where you can get, some old soda crates that you can use for these DIY projects? Check grandad’s workshop. You might be amazed at what you find there!

Soda Crates

As a last resort, you can find replicas here

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Small cabinets are great gifts to small children for storing their favorite stuff. Another idea would be to hang this on the wall and make it a key holder!

Dog Feeder

Pamper your pets with this beautiful feeder! You can add small wheel casters for easier moving. Why not include a container for some flowers to make them extra special?


Turn that red Coca-cola crate into a cute little wagon your kids can use during outdoor play… or just another adorable decor for the garden 😉

Wall Shelf

Mount one crate on the wall as a whole or by taking it apart, it doesn’t matter — it will still be an awesome shelf!


A soda crate planter is a great decor for your deck or patio. You can put crates on top of each other or place one on a chair not being used for a pretty arrangement.

Custom Lighting

A soda crate chandelier/lighting works well in the bathroom, kitchen, or dining area. Do you like this idea?

Foot Stool / Ottoman

It can also be an ottoman with storage! This is one of the easiest projects in this list. 🙂

End Table

Do you know anyone who will love to have an end table like this? You can use almost anything to build this one with — glass, steel, and other recycled materials.

Dresser / Drawer

Collect different brands of soda crates for a cool drawer! How would you use this furniture?

Christmas Decor

Want to add more rustic decors to your home for Christmas? This one is very easy to do 🙂

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