Mud Room Entry: A Practical Guide to Flooring Selection

An image of a mud room entry room.

Mud room entry areas are essential in any home. They act as a barrier, keeping dirt and moisture from spreading throughout your house. Choosing the right flooring for your mud room entry is crucial for functionality and aesthetics.  This article offers a practical guide to selecting the best flooring for your mud room entry, considering […]

Mudroom Makeover: 10 Design Tips for a Beautiful and Organized Entryway

A well-designed mudroom can contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home.

The mudroom is often the unsung hero of your home, tackling the daily deluge of coats, shoes, and general clutter. But why should it be a dull and dreary space when it can be a stunning and organized entryway that sets the tone for your entire home? In this comprehensive guide to the ultimate mudroom […]

7 Awesome Mudroom Organization Ideas

Mudroom Organization Ideas

Tired of the chaos that welcomes you every time you enter your home? Those shoes all jumbled up, bags and coats on the table, and keys you can’t easily find when you’re about to leave — the sight of it can really give you a headache! The term mudroom originated from the British where the home would […]

Things to Consider Before Starting a Garage Renovation

garage renovation

Noticing signs of wear, such as worn-out doors, cracked flooring, and stains in your garage, can indicate the need for a garage renovation.  Given its substantial importance as an investment, this endeavor demands thorough planning and sufficient resources. You can engage a professional service or embrace a do-it-yourself approach to achieve an ideal garage transformation. […]

The Best Eco-Friendly Floors for Your Home

Eco-friendly flooring options are becoming increasingly popular as people seek sustainable and environmentally conscious choices for their homes.

Living green has become the talk of the town nowadays, and guess what? It starts right under your feet!  The flooring you choose for your home must check quite a few boxes – your floors have to be durable & easy to care for, and also eco-friendly. Given that the market is brimming with options […]

How to Design Your Home to Be Pet-Friendly

Many homeowners put up with homes that aren’t suitable for their pets. They might not be adequately fenced or have materials that aren’t durable enough for the wear and tear of excitable dogs. When the time comes to start designing your dream home from the ground up, pet-friendliness is likely one of the factors you […]

Beautiful DIY Garden Paths And Inspiration

The Garden Path

Lead me up the garden path 😀 Building a well-designed garden path is a great way to take your visitors for a tour around your yard. It guides them to the areas you want them to see. Your garden path also connects various parts of your garden, giving it a sense of order and cohesiveness. […]

Big Sky Family Retreat

Big sky family retreat by Swaback partners

Montana  USA  –  Swaback partners Year built:    2012 If you’ve been dreaming of a cabin and wide open spaces, this may be as good as it gets. Compact but elegant, the high ceilings and sleeping loft help to create a feeling of space as big as the land on which it sits. The ‘lean-to’ kitchen […]

Off-the-Grid Strawbale Cabin

Earth rendered straw bale

Nevada City, California – Arkin Tilt Architects Built area: 872 sq. ft.  (81 m2) Photography: Eric Millette Off-the-grid in every sense, this home, is a great example of sustainability. Heating, cooling, all power and even the water are generated or pumped on-site. It’s a vacation home for a young, active family. From the architect: Located […]

Build a Homemade Chicken Coop with These Easy Steps

Homemade Chicken Coop - Hen house siding

Backyard chickens are great at eating kitchen scraps and bugs in the garden (and providing free eggs in return), but they do need somewhere safe at night, from predatory animals. That’s why you need a homemade chicken coop if you have chickens in your yard. Here’s a homemade coop that impressed us. If you have […]

Make An Incredible DIY River Rock Doormat in 7 Steps

DIY River Rock Doormat

Here’s the coolest doormat ever, and you can easily make one yourself! This is a great idea whether you need a mat for your enclosed porch or bathroom. River rocks are found on beaches and in stream beds. They come in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures. The rocks have many common applications. People use […]

Build a Backpack Station for Your Kids in 9 Creative Steps

Keeping the school stuff together makes the stress of mornings less for everyone in the family. If you’re looking for a storage system for your kid’s backpacks, then this DIY backpack station might interest you! This project not only provides great storage for your bags and whatnot, but it also serves as a beautiful outfit for a rather […]

Comfortable Bench From Upcycled Dresser: 8-Step Build

DIY Dresser Bench - After

If you’re thinking of throwing out your old dresser, you might want to think again. Dressers are a mainstay in almost every bedroom, and even though they might be subject to daily wear and tear, that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired. You can give it life as a bench from upcycled dresser. When it’s […]

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage: 5 Reasons to Make One

A good shoe can provide various advantages to the one who wears it. One thing worth considering is that in a place with a lot of mud and water, a person with a good pair of shoes can be free of worries. In addition, a good pair of shoes is essential for those who do […]

Creative DIY Hat and Coat Rack

I don’t know if our home is unique, but hats and caps seem to mysteriously procreate. That, of course, leads to a storage issue. Whether you have such issues in your home, or you’re simply trying to improve an awkward entryway, a DIY coat and hat rack can be an instant solution. But they of […]

10 Creative Coat Hooks Ideas For Your Home

Coats – if you’re unlucky enough to live in a climate where you need one. So, you will need one or more coat hooks for them. Look around your home. How many things ‘hang’? Of course, there are photos, paintings, and prints. But what about hats and caps? Rainwear? Keys? You need to be able […]