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Creative DIY Hat and Coat Rack

DIY Coat and Hat Rack
DIY Hat and Coat Rack

I don’t know if our home is unique, but hats and caps seem to mysteriously procreate. That, of course, leads to a storage issue.

Whether you have such issues in your home, or you’re simply trying to improve an awkward entryway, a DIY coat and hat rack can be an instant solution. But they of course come in a wide variety of configurations and different materials.

All homes and apartment buildings must have coat racks and hat boxes in the common areas such as lobbies, halls and hallways. These are basic necessities and are also used in retail stores, office buildings and factories.

There are countless examples of mass-produced hats and coat racks, but what if they don’t really suit the style and personality of your home?

Here’s a DIY project by Courtney of A Little Glass Box. In a wonderful example of thinking outside the square, she transformed clothes hangers into a coat, hat, and handbag rack.

DIY Coat Rack

Don’t you know that hangers can be a great hat and coat rack?

What we particularly like about this concept is that the hooks normally used to hang the coat hanger now act as a hat rack with the hangers holding coats and jackets.

Wooden hangers with metal supports are a good choice for fine fabrics as they keep the hanger from springing out of the closet rails.

For this particular project, we will be focusing on wooden hangers. If you don’t have any, you might consider buying, and if you have a few, then let’s get it on!

Scribbled on your hangers.

If you want to personalize your hangers, you can write on the wooden hangers. You can personalize your hangers by writing on them and adding a photograph or design to them.

You can do this by using a permanent marker, stickers or paint.

Cut your hangers

Using a saw, cut your wooden hangers on one side so you can attach them to the wooden board. You can make a sturdy hat and coat rack with these wooden hangers.

Make sure to cut it diagonally so that it will give you an angle from which to hang your hats and coats.

Attach the hangers to the wooden board

Using screws, you need to attach the hangers to the wooden board to complete your DIY hat and coat rack. Hangers won’t hold hats and coats on their own unless you join them with a screw.

You need to drill a hole in one end of the hanger, then slip the screw through the hole to secure the hanger so that the hat or coat hangs straight.

For a more personalised hat and coat rack, you can also paint the wooden hangers your favourite colour so that they will fit your house theme.

This hat and coat rack will not also only serves as storage for your hats and coat but will also house your bag collection. This hat and coat rack will be a great addition to your mud room.

So what do you think of this DIY wooden hanger weekend project? Will you spend time on this personalized project on your weekend? If you do, check out our gallery.


  • Wooden Hangers
  • Wood Board
  • Fine Point Sharpie
  • Screws


  • Saw
  • Drill

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Thanks to A Little Glass Box for this great project. You can get the step-by-step instructions here

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