How to Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan for Your Room

Ceiling fans can be super useful for moving air around in your home — in the summer, they can create a cooling breeze that allows you to turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Reverse the fan’s direction in the winter, and it can push warm air down from the ceiling to make your home […]

5 Reasons to Consider Purchasing New Appliances

Replacing your appliances is no easy or cheap task, but it’s something that needs to be done at some point. Whether you just moved into a new home, are selling your home, or have had your appliances for years, there are a variety of reasons you should consider replacing your appliances. Purchasing new appliances is […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofas

Furniture manufacturers offer sectional sofas in a variety of modules. This allows for customization well beyond a simple sofa with an attached chaise. In fact, buyers today can create custom configurations for specific spaces and activities!  So it can be tricky. “Shopping for a sectional sofa isn’t like shopping for a simple chair, when an […]

Security Cameras: Why and Where You Need Them

Security Cameras

She quickly checked that her husband was in bed next to her. Finding him there, she grabbed her pistol and, stepping out into the hallway, saw a shadowy figure moving toward her.

Creative Pantry Cabinet Ideas

A well-designed pantry can be an absolute blessing, providing ample storage space for all of your food items, small appliances, and more. Having a designated space for everything can help to keep your kitchen organized and tidy, making meal prep and cooking a breeze. Plus, with a little bit of creativity, your pantry can also […]

Seven solid reasons for using bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring has many advantages to offer a homeowner

Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option in new homes and in renovations. Before deciding whether to install a bamboo floor , it’s important that you know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this material for your project. The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring There are many advantages to bamboo including its environmental friendliness, […]

Are solar myths stopping you from saving big money?

Solar panels work on cloudy days in the same way that you can get sunburn through cloud.

This article was originally written in March 2012. It was last updated on the 16th of March, 2017. If you’re struggling with skyrocketing energy bills, you’re in good company.  In fact, just about everyone else on this planet of ours is facing the same challenge.  And like you, they’re not happy about it! Fossil fuels […]

Six Beautiful Australian Timber Varieties

Australian Beech is a pale brown with an occassional pinkish tinge.

The Australian bush is a biologic wonderland, home to many, many unique timber species. From the clean Blackbutt to the sophisticated Red Mahogany, you’re sure to discover a variety that matches your styling aesthetic. Australian timbers are hard and extremely durable as well as drop-dead gorgeous when correctly finished. Used as flooring, they can withstand […]

Living Concrete


Concrete is all around us. Chances are that you’re reading this in a building at least partially constructed with concrete. Even though concrete is one of the most ubiquitous and useful building materials around, it is not without problems, chief amongst them being that it has a tendency to crack and those cracks can fill […]

Don’t like the weather? Change it…


From now forward, the food that you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear aren’t the only things you can get to decide on at the start of your day – you can now also choose your weather! Well, inside at least 🙂 From now forward, the food that you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear […]

12 Best Designs for Quilt-inspired Tables From Salvaged Wood

Quilt Tables from Salvaged Wood

Whether you go to a local recycling centre or a council-provided green bin, it’s never been easier to get household junk processed back into useful raw materials. How about making tables out of these materials? But that takes energy, and one has asked: “Why spend all that energy when this ‘rubbish’ can surely be turned […]

Not Just Another Brick On The Wall…

Climate change is real. Our world is getting warmer. It’s happening and it’s not going away unless we actually live the advocacy for a greener and sustainable environment. And just like what we value most in our lives, care for the environment starts at home, literally. Is your home green? We’re not talking about the color […]

Constructive Eating Construction Plate

Constructive Eating Construction Plate

There are kids who love to eat, but there are also those who spend the better part of meal times to finish their meal… Regardless of how much time it takes your child to eat or play with their food, this constructive eating utensil and plate set will definitely make eating more fun for them! They […]



A standing desk is beneficial for people with sedentary jobs, but not all of us can commit to a full-time standing desk. You can get the best of both worlds with this convertible sitting/standing height-adjustable desk! This product comes to you assembled. You simply have to place it on your desk, arrange your computer and other work […]

Camping Hammock

Camping Hammock

Outdoor adventures are called as such because you don’t know what lies ahead 50% of the time. No matter how much you try to foresee everything that could happen, you really never know what you might need until you are there. Obviously we can’t bring everything with us, and this is where versatile camping gears really come in handy! […]

Outdoor Cedar Swing Bed & Pergola

Outdoor Cedar Swing Bed Pergola

Got a spacious garden but don’t have a relaxation area where you can lounge and enjoy the breeze or a good book? Then enhance your outdoor space with this cedar swing bed and pergola! Measuring from its beams and rafters, the entire pergola occupies a total area of 10′ x 10′. The inside seating dimensions are 68″ […]

Bear Paws Meat Handlers

BEAR PAWS Pulled Pork Claws

Shred hot meat that’s hot off the grill or smoker in a fast, effortless and fun way with these bear paw meat handlers! They’re made of nylon that can stand up to 475 degrees of heat. It’s BPA free and FDA approved so you need not worry about getting harmful chemicals into your food. Its handles stay cool […]

Cake Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label

Cake Batter Dispenser

No one in the family will ask “how come she got the big one?” ever again with this clever cake batter dispenser! This cake batter dispenser has a measuring label that allows you to neatly dispense a consistent quantity of batter. That means you’ll always get equal sized cupcakes that will then bake evenly. You […]

Portable Wood Stove

Portable Wood Stove

This portable wood stove doesn’t only keep campers warm and cozy during chilly winter nights – it does so much more! You can use this hot little number to cook your dinner, dry your gear, heat your shelter, or just warm your hands and feet. It’s safer than an open fire. And it’s small enough to transport […]

Urbano Eco Trash Can – 2 Effortless Ways to Throw Trash

Urbano Eco Trash Can

Behold, the “line it and forget all about it” trash can! A trash can is a bin designed for storing trash until it can be disposed of. Trash cans are typically made of plastic or metal. A typical trash can is rectangular or round and has a lid that closes to keep out animals and […]

Travel High Chair

Travel High Chair

Got a new addition to the family? Here’s a nice and must-have baby gear especially when you’re traveling with your little one. It’s so useful that you can’t imagine how you lived without it all this time! This travel high chair harnesses your baby safely and comfortably in any adult seat. Simply attach the fabric to […]

Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

Are you always losing a piece of accessory or have difficulty sorting through them when you need one? Well, this mirrored jewelry cabinet would help you organize and store accessories in a classy way. You’d be surprised at how much jewelry this cabinet can store. ALL your accessories can be stored in one place, making it easy […]