Wagner Smart SideKick Roller

Painting jobs are fun. But when it’s a huge one already, even thinking about the time and effort to finish it can be dreadful, right? Well, this will solve the problem. Wagner’s Smart SideKick roller takes out all the inconvenience of the old tray-and-roller. It’s very easy to use (and even easier if you read the manual) and to carry around.

The new paint roller that will make large paint jobs easier.Now you can do the job without getting all messy, because the paint is fed to the roller through a suction tube – no more drips and no more wasted paint!

Paint Roller (9)

All you need to do is press the button for the paint to start flowing. Press it again to stop if you already have enough on the roller.

A button is provided to control the flow of paint.

The unit is good for all project sizes. It can be attached to any paint can from one right up to five gallons tins.

Paint Roller (2)

To keep the work flow happening, the unit has a 16ft long hose – no more stopping from time to time just to carry the bucket near you.

Paint Roller (3)

The roller is also compatible with standard threaded handles, so you can use poles from your broom or what have you, for the high walls and ceiling.

Paint Roller (4)

And since the supply of paint is automated, you can be sure of a nice, even finish.

Paint Roller (5)

Don’t worry about the tube after the work. Cleaning is as quick and easy. If you used latex paint, you will only need a container with warm soapy water to circulate through the suction tube.

Paint Roller (7)

Then just manually clean the roller itself.

Paint Roller (8)

This efficient side kick for painters definitely makes the job more fun!


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