Kindling Cracker

Worried about hurting yourself with an axe while you’re trying to create kindling? Then this Kindling Cracker is just what you need!

Kindling Cracker

Built in New Zealand with an award-winning, patented design, the Kindling Cracker is the safer, faster and easier way to make the best kindling for your fire.

It splits firewood very easily that you don’t need to use as much force as you would exert when using a standard axe. Simply place the firewood in the middle of the iron safety ring, and strike it with any blunt instrument like a hammer, mallet or even another piece of wood.

It’s one solid piece of high-quality cast iron that, if cared for and used properly, will last generations!

Need one? You can get a Kindling Cracker from Amazon, where it is now on sale with free shipping!


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