Cedar Park, Texas USA  –  Nic Deaver

Built Area:     174 m2  (1,875 sq. ft.)
Builder:     Stacy Pearson
Photography:     Roger Williams, AIA  and Jonathan Jackson

There’s a town called Texas in Queensland, Australia and every Aussie is familiar with the term and concept of  ‘walkabout’. We’ve also all grown up with the iconic use of corrugated iron as a building medium. But the home featured here is in that ‘other Texas’ which perhaps proves that good design is all about compliance with needs and environment more than location and culture.

A great spot to watch the sun set
A great spot to watch the sun set

“An abandoned shed lost in a thicket of cedar and live oaks was set on a modern path by a novice builder and architect friend who were inspired to restore the neglected landscape and build a home belonging to it.

Set in a secluded and rugged south central Texas landscape, Walkabout is a residence and workspace for a couple creating an (environment friendly) on-line pet store and seeking a slower wilder and untamed life.

Important aspects of the new complex are a companion works studio, a cool limestone den, and porches facing morning, noon, and night.

Interiors are designed as extensions of the outdoors with screen doors and casement windows providing cross ventilation. The kitchen and dining room serve as a breezeway between entry and entertaining porches. Skylights diffuse natural light and a modern composition of windows frame views and invite observers to experience the site’s natural beauty.

The materials used in the modest 1875 sf structure including corrugated galvanized metal, steel, and concrete require little or no maintenance and are capable of withstanding the (sometimes) harsh subtropical weather. 

A local example of the medium you’ll enjoy is Max Pritchard’s Bridge House

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