Types of Whole House Water Filters 2024 | Ultimate Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates over 90 different contaminants in drinking water, out of 85,000 toxic chemicals. Shocking, right? So, how do households protect themselves from these contaminants lurking in the waters? Whole house water filtration systems! Investing in a filtration system is a significant decision. So, do your research before getting one. Ask […]

How To Maximize The Floor Space Of A One Bedroom Apartment

One of the most challenging things about living in a one-bedroom apartment is making the most of the space you have. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be cramped and uncomfortable. With just a few simple tricks, you can maximize the floor space, making your apartment feel spacious and inviting. To get started, take a look […]

Getaway Cabin No. 3 – “The Clara”

New Hampshire, United States – Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine, Rachel Moranis Built Area:     14.8 m2 Year Built:     2015 Photographs:     Getaway, The Bearwalk Getaway Cabin No. 3, named “The Clara,” is the third tiny home developed by Millennial Housing Lab. These tiny cabins on wheels are placed on rural land and are then […]

Slow Cabins

Belgium – Xavier Leclair Built Area:     36.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:     Jonas Verhulst Slow Cabins are tiny rental structures considered as the perfect escape to nature. These are actually several cabins spread across secret locations all over Belgium. In essence, these are eco-friendly ‘mysterious’ retreats. The thrill is in not knowing […]

Le Haut Perché

33185 Le Haillan, France – Studio Weave Year Built:     2017 Photographs:     Yvan Detraz Le Haut Perché is a unique shelter meant for hikers exploring the French countryside. It sits in the heart of Le Parc des Jalles and is surrounded by watermills. The elevated structure provides free accommodations for up to nine people. […]

72h Cabin

Henrik Schröders gata, 671 31 Arvika, Sweden – JeanArch Built Area:     5.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:     Jeanna Berger 72h Cabin was named after the number of hours people stayed in it as part of a study. The participants were people with the world’s most stressful jobs. They were invited to stay […]

The Studio Fiskavaig

Isle of Skye,  Scotland –  The Rural Design Studio Built area:    30.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: David Barbour Grassy knolls surround Studio Fiskavaig, a small holiday home in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The design is basic and simple. It’ll only take a year to build, interiors included. The Studio is a part […]

PV Cabin

Pinto, Chile – Lorena Troncoso-Valencia Project Year:  2016 Area:  24.0 m2 Photographers:  Cristóbal Caro PV Cabin is a temporary place of refuge for a rock-climbing young couple. It sits in a small clearing, after a journey through wooded, winding roads. The lot is small; barely enough for optimal living. But because the homeowners are physically […]

House H – a cafe and studio in one

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – HAO Design Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     36.0 m2 House H is an old townhouse unit converted into a modern multi-purpose space. Today, it functions as a cafe, a furniture store, and sometimes, it is used as a residence by its owner. The property used to be dark and […]

How to Make a Room Look Larger

How to make any room look bigger

Do you need more space in your home? (Is there any home that doesn’t?) Every homeowner wants more of it, and the most common approach is extending the home. However not everyone can afford such huge and complex project. The good news is that there are ways to make a room spacious without having to […]

The Cottage on the Hill – Zinta Aistars

Cottage on the Hill in snow

What could this odd-shaped and many-windowed little house in the woods have possibly housed? I stood in the woods on the top of the hill with my real estate agent, gazing in befuddlement—and increasingly also in delighted awe—at the little structure that reminded me a little of a Dr. Seuss house, a little of a […]