Is Getting A Hot Tub Worth It? 4 Things To Know Before Installing One

The question as to whether or not a hot tub is worth it highly depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. A hot tub is manufactured for the purpose of providing relaxation to households, spas, and resorts. So, it’s sold for a reason, and if you put a premium on your rest and relaxation, then, […]

10 unique sinks you won’t find in an average home

Unique Bathroom Sinks

Sinks or washbasins are an indispensable appliance in every home. We use it for sanitation purposes like washing our hands and face, brushing our teeth, washing vegetables and kitchen utensils, and a lot more. But aside from this, sinks can also be used for another purpose. And that is to make our homes aesthetically more interesting! Sinks can […]

Beautiful Timber Bathroom Basins

Thinking of renovating your bathroom and looking for a way to make it truly unique? Then you should consider having a timber basin. Timber adds warmth and beauty to any bathroom  but timber baths and bathroom basins take that warmth and beauty to another dimension. The bathroom shown above  is as rustic as a bathroom can get […]

Outdoor Showers

Want to take a shower after a strenuous and messy day in the garden? Then a nice outdoor shower is a great idea. It allows you to come home clean while keeping the mess out where it belongs. An outdoor shower is also the perfect place to rinse off after swimming in the pool. And […]

DIY Solar Outdoor Shower

A simple, efficient and inexpensive outdoor bathroom

Do you like the idea of outdoor showering? Then you will love this DIY shower. In some places, water heaters are outdoor bathrooms are considered more as luxury than a necessity. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a warm shower! This outdoor shower runs completely on solar energy, providing free hot water and lighting during the night. Reflective […]

DIY Dresser to Vanity

Bathroom renovations can cost you a lot of money. That’s why many people put off the bathroom of their dreams for too long. But you can update your old bathroom without spending that much. Have you been thinking of revamping your bathroom? Here’s a DIY project for you… Turn an old dresser into a vanity! […]

Rustic Bathrooms

Are you thinking of redesigning your home to achieve a rustic look? The best place to start is the bathroom. There are lots of ways to achieve a rustic bathroom design. If you’re living in an area that has scenic views, you can get inspiration from nature. Rustic bathrooms are well suited for homes that […]

Life in a Fishbowl

Not designed for the retiring personality!

Roppongi (Tokyo) Japan  –  Mejiro Studios Built area:     87.5m2  (945 sq. ft.) This is definitely a home for very confident people.  The entire focus of the home is the bathroom (or wash-room) as they are thought of in Japan.  Fully walled in glass, the bathroom sits in the centre of the home which is itself, a single […]

Bathrooms – Indoor

Unique Bathroom Sinks

Another ‘make or break’ room!  Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are the most expensive part of any construction or renovation process.  Do it well and you’ll get many years use before you need to renovate or refurbish.  Do it badly and it will either become an expensive nightmare or you’ll simply start to loathe it […]

Timber Baths and Basins

Timber Baths and Basins

Once upon a time, long before acrylic, ceramic, or cast iron, there was the wooden bathtub. Handcrafted and beautiful in their own right, they also hold heat longer than tubs made of alternative materials. Yet, we rarely see timber bathtubs. The reason is that in the west, baths are used for cleaning the body. Historically, […]

Cleansing the Soul – outdoor baths and showers

Cleansing the soul...

One of the greatest experiences in life – IMHO – is showering with a view.  Yet, for most of us, our bathroom is the exact opposite… an area designed to exclude the world from viewing us and hence us from the world. My bathroom looks out onto a private courtyard garden.  It’s good, but it […]