A 6-Item Bathroom Renovation Checklist For Every Homeowner

Consider this checklist for your top-to-bottom bathroom improvement project.
Consider this checklist for your top-to-bottom bathroom improvement project.

Homeowners usually have different favorite areas in their homes. While some say they love to invest more in their bedrooms because it’s their sanctuary, some disagree and would choose the kitchen because it’s where hearty meals are made. 

And then some would claim that the bathrooms are the most important, considering the times you need to use them and how they’re a place to feel refreshed and well-groomed every morning before work.

If you agree with the last part, you’re probably on your way to executing a bathroom remodel soon. But before that, it’s crucial to create a checklist to make your bathroom project more organized. Nothing beats a good plan, and it pays to follow renovation tips to make your journey successful.

Consider this checklist for your top-to-bottom bathroom improvement project:

You need to know which group of people you need to hire for your bathroom project.
You need to know which group of people you need to hire for your bathroom project.

1. Find The Right Contractor

First things first; you need to know which group of people you need to hire for your bathroom project. Hiring the right contractor impacts the entirety of your bathroom renovation success. While you could tackle some tasks by yourself, there are indeed more technical plumbing and electrical jobs that require the expertise of the pros.

The key is to get quotes from several companies before signing a contract with a contractor. List down the questions you want to ask, which can help you narrow down your choices. Also, read the company’s background and online reviews, and check their certificates and licenses. This way, you can ensure that you are working with a legit contractor to ensure the quality of their services.

You can find inspiration for your bathroom project on the internet and on social media.
You can find inspiration for your bathroom project on the internet and on social media.

2. Create A Mood Board

Creating a mood board may be a step skipped by many homeowners, but this is a helpful tip. To do this, you may look for inspirational ideas from various sources. It would be disorganized to only flip your phone or files on the computer when checking different images and designs. The best solution is to sort them all and collate them into a mood board. 

You can find bathroom ideas in many places these days. You can find inspiration for your bathroom project on the internet and on social media. You can refer to home improvement magazines and vlogs from industry experts. 

If you search for bathroom remodels, you’ll find hundreds of options. Another option is to visit the actual showrooms of different bathroom product companies. Diversifying your sources is the best way to discover and realize your preferred design elements. 

Another way is to visualize your design ideas on online design sites or apps. With this tool, you can choose colors and finishes to see how they look in your home. It will help you decide better regarding colors, designs, and layouts for your bathroom. Whatever amount of budget you’re following for your bathroom remodel, planning it smoothly through a mood board will keep stress at bay. 

You can avoid overspending beyond your budget and not buy the wrong color or materials because you have a visionary file to refer to. Print out your vision board, create soft copies for easy use, and distribute them to your contractors and suppliers if necessary. It will help every team come up with their desired bathroom result.

3. Solve Bathroom Issues

It’s paramount to check the issues in your bathroom before focusing on enhancing its aesthetics. Inspect all parts and fixtures of your bathroom, including the shower, sink, tub, toilet, and pipes. Hire a professional to inspect this so it will result in a flawless bathroom that will last many years. 

Tell the workers to check as there could be underlying issues that may not be visible on the surface. Old houses usually suffer from water damage, mold, broken and leaking pipes, and so on. Prioritize fixing these complex issues first.

4. Uplift Walls And Flooring

The flat surfaces of the bathroom need a revamp to give it additional flair. It includes your walls and flooring. Walls are easily elevated with a fresh layer of paint. You can use light ones to make your bathroom appear bright and lit.

As for your floors, many homeowners prefer to invest in tiles as they are durable, reasonably priced, slip-resistant, and waterproof. For your complete bathroom model, you can choose from various tiles. 

They come in different colors, textures, and designs. Many flooring materials work well in bathrooms, too, so the key is to do your research and ask your contractors for advice. They can help you decide what floors and wall colors to choose, as you explain what kind of bathroom you want.

5. Install Lighting Fixtures

There are many renovation tips to consider but it is necessary to include this tip in this checklist. It is essential to consider bathroom lighting when remodeling your bathroom. Your priority is to invite more natural light into this limited space. If needed, add some window treatments that allow sunlight to seep through during the daytime. 

The bathroom atmosphere can be instantly lifted when there’s enough natural light. However, if the structural area of the bathroom can’t take advantage of the sunlight, your next alternative is to take advantage of artificial lighting fixtures.  

The key is to find the right fixtures that will elevate your bathroom design. Go for energy-efficient LED lamps and incorporate downlights or pendant lights that can add more details to your bathroom. Adding some light is necessary to make your bathroom seem more inviting and fresh, no matter how small or big your space can be. When renovating, replace old fixtures, especially if they’ve already experienced wear and tear. Replace old bulbs that are not energy-efficient.

6. Spruce Cabinets And Vanity

After the walls and floors are done, it’s time to inspect your existing cabinets and vanity. Do they need to be replaced entirely, or will they need to be repainted enough to make them look brand new again? 

If it’s the former, you can shop for new built-in cabinets and a modern vanity to fit your bathroom design. However, if your current cabinets and vanity only need some refreshing, you can always rely on paint to do a great job. Don’t forget to replace the hardware as it can complete the overall look. 


There are many tips for a successful home renovation, but when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, there are also a lot of factors to consider. However, creating a checklist like the one above can help you navigate the journey to achieve your desired outcomes. To turn your bathroom dream into reality, follow this guide and apply the tips.   



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