Writer’s Retreat

Petrópolis, Brazil – Architectare Area:  31.0 m2 Photographer:  Leonardo Finotti It’s always nice to have a place to go to when you feel like taking a break. Or when you’re looking for inspiration. Or when you need to focus on work. This is the premise behind the design of the Writer’s Retreat. As the name […]

PV Cabin

Pinto, Chile – Lorena Troncoso-Valencia Project Year:  2016 Area:  24.0 m2 Photographers:  Cristóbal Caro PV Cabin is a temporary place of refuge for a rock-climbing young couple. It sits in a small clearing, after a journey through wooded, winding roads. The lot is small; barely enough for optimal living. But because the homeowners are physically […]

House H – a cafe and studio in one

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – HAO Design Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     36.0 m2 House H is an old townhouse unit converted into a modern multi-purpose space. Today, it functions as a cafe, a furniture store, and sometimes, it is used as a residence by its owner. The property used to be dark and […]

Joshua Tree – Hangar Design Group

Anywhere  –  Hangar Design Group We’re used to the concept of ‘mobile homes’ and pre-fabrication.  In fact, the two are synonymous.  The Joshua Tree is a new take on the concept, delivering a very high quality product that is claimed to be genuinely capable of mobility.  Manufactured by Agora Prefab, the home is built with overlapping zinc titanium tiles […]

The Sonic House Truck

Truck House

Most people dream of homes with picket fences. Ok, maybe not with picket fences, but you get the idea. But not for this couple who live in this 1980 Bedford TK turned tiny mobile home – their dream home. As children, both of them craved a life of adventure so it’s no surprise that they live in […]

From rusty van to cozy camper – a great way to live!

Camper Van Conversion

Living in a cozy camper is everyone’s dream – you can travel to different places and see new things, while still having the comfort of your own home. Mobile homes are also more affordable than traditional homes, which makes them a great option for many people. This camper van conversion is one of the most […]

Amazing tiny house on wheels with built-in hot tub

House on Wheels Built-in Hot Tub by Tiny Wood Homes

Living in a tiny house may mean a simpler life in general, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all luxuries! You can still enjoy many of the same amenities as those in a larger home, just on a smaller scale. For example, you can still have a comfortable bed to sleep […]

From grain silo to a comfortable home…

Silo House - Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona – Christoph Kaiser LLC Year Built:      2014 Total Livable Space:     340 sq. ft. Photography:     Mark Lipczynski While driving though Kansas, architect Christoph Kaiser , noticed a dismantled 1955 era grain silo. A short conversation with the farmer owner and the bits and pieces has a new owner, and soon, […]

Living in 10m2

Student Housing by Tengbom - A 10 sqm room

Virserum and Lund, Sweden – Tengbom Architects Location:     Portable Built area:    10 sqm Year built:     2013 Photography:    Bertil Hertzberg   Tertiary study never comes cheaply, especially if the student needs to live away from the family home.  Accommodation costs usually mean that the student needs to work in order […]

Cow eats house!

Trufa by Anton Garcia Abril

Costa da Morte, Spain – Antón García- Abril Date of Project: August 2006 End of Construction: February 2010 Built Area: 25 m² Photography: Roland Halbe This cabin must rank as one of the most innovative, yet easiest and cheapest to build, that we’ve ever seen. In fact, a cow named Paulina did most of the work! Named […]

10 Cleverly Designed Tiny Homes

Custom Tiny Homes – Wind River Many people are finding it more efficient to live in a tiny dwelling compared to a full-size home. This might be a difficult transition for most of us who have been living in three or four-bedroom homes. The tiny houses here will show you that lack of space shouldn’t […]

Tinos Stable

A repurposed stable becomes a tiny vacation home

Tinos Island,  Greece  –  Ioannis Exarchou Photography:    Sylvia Diamantopoulos An old stable sitting high on the side of a hill, overlooking rugged mountains and valleys. Cave like with stone walls it seemed an unlikely vacation home. But, by plastering only the interior walls, inserting a new floor and filling gaps in the exterior stonework with […]

Tiny House Project

Tiny House Project - Outside

Sebastopol, CA – Alek Lisefski Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎   If you liked this project, you will also like viewing …      

Amazing Tiny Homes On Wheels

1. The Awning - The Owner-Builder Network

Are you the kind of homeowner who’s always on the go? Then a mobile home is your best option. They’re very unique, affordable, and can be easily relocated whenever you wish to move. And if you’re after great savings, you can also build it yourself. To inspire you we’ve collected amazing mobile homes. They come […]

Floating Catamaran Ecolodge

Floating Catamaran Ecolodge - Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Kinderdijk, Netherlands – APEcolodges Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎 You’ll find a link to a video below the image gallery.   If you liked this project, you will also like viewing […]

Awesome DIY House on Wheels

DIY House on Wheels - Finished House on Wheels

When well planned, a tiny house on wheels can offer all the creature comforts of a larger home, but in a much smaller space. This can make it the perfect option for those who want to downsize or live in a more sustainable way. It can even be on wheels just like this home! Many […]

Sturdy DIY Earthbag Round House

This interesting home is made from earthbags, also known as sandbags. Earthbags are an eco-friendly and sustainable building material made from natural materials like sand, clay, and gravel. They are often used in disaster relief situations because they are so easy to transport and build with. This home is a great example of how earthbags […]

Gypsy Wagon In The Woods

Gypsy Wagon In The Woods - Home on wheels

This tiny home on wheels is a modern take on those wonderful gypsy wagon one still sees its of Europen par. This one’s used as a great getaway space. It’s whimsical and unique and hard not to fall in love with. Whether it’s your style or not, it’s certainly integrates with the sights and sounds that […]

The C3 Cabin

High on a hill with views over the passage to the Olympic Mountains

Washington, USA – Vandeventer + Carlander Architects Built Area:    352 sq. ft + loft area of 128 sq ft  (33 m2 + 12 m2) Photography: Steve Keating Down a long, winding driveway, curtained by dense evergreens lies the site for this cabin. Set on a high, waterfront bluff with great views across the Saratoga Passage to […]

How to Build Your Own Teardrop Trailer From The Ground Up

DIY Teardrop Trailer

When it comes to going on the road for an extended overland adventure, you can opt for add-on solutions like vehicle rooftop tents and portable kitchens or a full-blown, tricked-out RV. Somewhere in between is the camper trailer, which allows the family a small – but efficient – home on the go. If you love […]



Isn’t this tiny home on wheels interesting? Protohaus was built achieving functionality, sustainability and beauty. This home, with an exterior dimension of 22’x8’6″, was built on a trailer bed which can carry around 14,000 pounds allowing its owners to transport the entire house from one place to another. Now that’s a tiny house and a vacation home/cabin! The […]

Best Hobbit Hole Playhouses

A playhouse is a great place for kids to hang out when they’re playing outdoor. Playhouses are becoming very popular in many places and there are many reasons why they are. They are fun and they are a good place for children to hang out with friends and cousins while they are playing outside. These […]

Hank’s Bus

Inspiration + $9,000 dollars = home

Location:      Anywhere he chooses Architect:      Hank Buttita Year built:     2013 With just a $3,000 Craigslist purchase, 15 weeks of design and construct effort and a further $6,000 of expenditure, Hank Butitta totally validates our belief that all too often, what we want, stops us from having what we need! […]

Distinctive but Creative Mobile Homes

Many of us dream of a year or two travelling our country in a mobile home. This dream can be whimsical or thoroughly practical. It might involve moving to one area for a few months, or travelling the country for a year or more. The mobile home can be as small as a recreational vehicle, […]