The Beauty of Natural Building: Sustainable Techniques

Many natural building materials, such as straw bales and adobe, possess excellent thermal mass properties.

In a world increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, natural building techniques are shining as a beacon of hope. These methods harness the beauty of nature to create homes and structures that not only stand the test of time but also leave a minimal ecological footprint. Explore the wonders of natural building and discover how sustainable […]

Energy-Efficient Windows: A Smart Investment for Your Home’s Future

Energy-Efficient Windows

Keeping the temperature of your home high during the coldest month of the year or low during the hottest tends to hit your electric bills badly. Energy-efficient windows are the answer to making your home comfortable throughout the year.  Continue reading our energy-efficient windows guide to know why adding them to your home is worth […]

How to Design a Water-Efficient Home

Water is a precious resource that is becoming increasingly scarce in many parts of the world. By creating a water-efficient home, you contribute to the conservation and responsible use of this valuable resource, helping to alleviate the strain on water supplies and promote long-term sustainability. Within this informative guide, you will discover a wealth of […]

8 Ways You Can Use A Generator For Household Purposes

Power outages can be frustrating and disruptive, and without a backup source of electricity, daily life can come to a screeching halt. That’s where generators come in: they provide you with power when you need it most. But, did you know that a generator can be invaluable for more than just emergencies? In fact, it […]

Designing a Home That Can Survive a Hurricane

Florida is famous for its tropical storms and hurricanes but has lovely architecture. It’s possible to have both. From the moment we decide to build a home, there are various aspects we must think about to ensure our living space is safe and secure. This idea can take on even more importance in regions prone […]

How To Prepare Your Home For Solar Power

Ready to take the leap into a more sustainable future? Preparing your home for solar power is a thrilling journey that will soon have you saving money and making a real impact on the environment. In no time, you’ll be able to reap all the incredible advantages of solar energy. To ensure that your solar […]

9 Ways You Can Minimize Energy Costs for Your Home

Energy prices are going up. And, from all we read and hear, they are not coming down anytime soon! However, before you start worrying about how you’ll find the funds to cover higher energy bills, you should be aware that there are some simple methods you can use to minimize the energy costs for your […]

9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Extreme weather conditions have finally made people realize the truth behind climate change. While countries in the south experience the hottest temperatures in modern-day history, nations near the north are freezing. Ice is melting, and wildfires are scattered all over the world. What do these tell you? More and more people are aware of climate […]

9 Tips to Be More Energy-Efficient This Winter

The majority of homeowners are aware that heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy drains of any home, especially during summers and winters. The winter season is especially problematic because your heating systems and their functionality become a matter of survival rather than comfort. Unlike in the summer when there are several options for […]

Zinc House

Lancashire, United Kingdom – Proctor & Shaw Built Area: 135.0 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs:  David Millington Photography Ltd Zinc House is an impressive prefabricated country home built on a four-acre plot in North West England. Its design combines the charm of a traditional farmhouse with sleek, modern aesthetics. One important aspect of the house is that it boasts […]

MARTaK Passive House

Masonville, United States –  Baosol Built area:    130.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: Andrew Michler MARTaK Passive House is found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, located off-grid. It is well integrated into the surrounding landscape – a pristine forest that called for organic building. The home is wedge-shaped, surrounded by trees that shield the […]

Expandable House

Batam, Indonesia –  Urban Rural Systems Built area:    36.0 m2 Year built:    2018 Photographs: Dio Guna Putra Expandable House is a residential structure that’s small in size but big in benefits. It’s a project aimed at providing sustainable and affordable housing to low income families. This was part of the answer to the growing housing […]

Haarlem Shuffle

Haarlem, The Netherlands – vanOmmeren-architecten Project Year:  2017 Area:  210.0 m2 Photographers:  Eva Bloem Have you ever wondered how it would be like to live in a floating villa? The owner of the Haarlem Shuffle decided he wanted one. And so he had this home built – on a river. The house actually looks like a […]

K Valley House

Thames, New Zealand – Herbst Architects Project Year :     2015 Developed Area :       178.0 m2 Photographs :     Lance Herbst K Valley House is a filmmakers’ retreat.  It was built for a couple who want to find solitude amidst their very hectic lifestyle. The house stands on a 20-hectare piece of rural landscape. A […]

Villa Ypsilon

Foinikounta, Greece – LASSA architects Project Year :     2017 Developed Area :     150.0 m2 Photographs :     NAARO At the top of an olive tree-laden hill in Southern Peloponnese is a summer home that has captured the attention of the architectural world. Why not? After all, the Y-shaped Villa Ypsilon is not just […]

Trish House Yalding

Yalding, Kent, United Kingdom – Matthew Heywood  Project Year :     2013 Yalding is a small village in Kent, England. It boasts of stone-built cottages for homes and Georgian buildings along the high street. A visit takes you back to a time when needs were simple and wants were basic. True to form, this […]

Cabin at Longbranch

Longbranch, WA 98351, United States – Olson Kundig Project Year :     2003 Developed Area :     112 m2 ( 1200.0 ft2 ) Photographs :     Kevin Scott, Benjamin Benschneider In a place where the tide meets the stream, a quiet structure sits quietly, proudly displaying the combined beauty of the remnants of the past […]

Tilt Roof House

Jipyeong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea – BCHO Architects   Project Year :     2014 Developed Area :     161.78 m2 ( 1747.22 Sq ft2 ) Photographs :     Sergio Pirrone Sometimes, we see things in the most unexpected places. This home, for example, appears to be embedded in the ground when viewed from […]

Paint your house solar!

Paint yourself some free energy. Take the titanium oxide that is already in most paints, throw in a little molybdenum-sulphide and humidity and drive away in your hydrogen powered car!

We wrote some years back about early research into solar paints. At that time, the research was aimed at making the paint act as photo-electric collectors in the same way that conventional solar panels work. We’ve seen nothing since about that research but Melbourne’s RMIT has now developed a a paint that might just power your […]

Bamboo simplicity – Forest for a Moon Dazzler

Forest for a Moon Dazzler - winner “Best House in the World” Category at the World Architecture Festival 2010

Guanacaste, Costa Rica  –  Ben Gracia Saxe Built:    2010 Bamboo is an extraordinarily versatile material.  It’s strong, flexible, lightweight, totally renewable and, potentially very long lasting even when in ground.  The home shown here uses bamboo in both conventional and very unconventional ways.  It’s a home ideally suited to it’s hot, humid locale – open and […]

Redmond House – Nils Finne

Superb detail is evident throughout the house

Redmond WA  USA  –  Nils Finne Photography: Benjamin Benschneider Credit must always go to the tradesmen when you see quality work. But often that end result is the vision of the owners and the architects and/or designers on the project. Our experience is that architects usually have an ‘A’ list of trades that they like to […]

Clay Refrigerator – Cools with Zer0 Energy

MittiCool Refrigerator

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.” This is what came to Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a traditional clay craftsman when a natural calamity struck their local area – an opportunity to solve a common problem of the less fortunate households… Clay is one of the main raw materials used to create pottery and […]

6 Clever Solutions to Reduce Chicken Feed Waste

Clever Solutions Reduce Chicken Feed Waste

Wasted chicken feeds can cost you more than you’re willing to charge as leftovers. So if you’re planning or are already raising chickens in your backyard, keeping wastage to a minimum is essential. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce chicken feed waste. Your choice of chicken feeder will help you save on feeds by […]

Logs! – 41 Best reasons not to burn them!

A raised vege garden!

Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! The sun will keep you warm if you harness its energy and it will still be there tomorrow to do the same. Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so! Turning them into something great and still seeing […]