Home Energy Upgrades Worth the Investment

The modern homeowner has a wide range of options when it comes to energy efficiency. From simple DIY projects to more complex and expensive upgrades, there are plenty of ways to make your home more energy efficient. In this article, we will explore the benefits of an efficient home, the energy-efficiency home improvements you can […]

How To Prepare Your Home For Solar Power

Ready to take the leap into a more sustainable future? Preparing your home for solar power is a thrilling journey that will soon have you saving money and making a real impact on the environment. In no time, you’ll be able to reap all the incredible advantages of solar energy. To ensure that your solar […]

9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Extreme weather conditions have finally made people realize the truth behind climate change. While countries in the south experience the hottest temperatures in modern-day history, nations near the north are freezing. Ice is melting, and wildfires are scattered all over the world. What do these tell you? More and more people are aware of climate […]

9 Tips to Be More Energy-Efficient This Winter

The majority of homeowners are aware that heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy drains of any home, especially during summers and winters. The winter season is especially problematic because your heating systems and their functionality become a matter of survival rather than comfort. Unlike in the summer when there are several options for […]

VV Residence

Naranjo de Alajuela, Costa Rica – 10˚84˚ Arquitectura Built Area:     188.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Adrián Aguilar González VV Residence’s design fully integrates the surrounding landscape – a gorgeous vista of lush greenery and nature. The architects employed passive design strategies, resulting in a well-functioning hygrothermal home. As a result, there’s […]

Core 9

Cape Paterson, Australia –  Beaumont Concepts Built area:    131.0 m2 Year built:    2018 Photographs: Warren Reed, Leo Edwards CORE is actually an acronym which stands for carbon positive, zero waste, recyclability, and economics. Core 9 was designed as a compact, low maintenance, and stylish home that suits the Australian climate. The home is eco-friendly as it […]

Home for Life

Lystrup, Denmark –  AART Architects Built area:    200.0 m2 Year built:    2008 Home for Life is a residential structure that has net zero carbon footprint. It actively makes use of solar energy by producing solar heat and electricity. Combining form and function, the idea behind this architectural piece is something that greatly benefits the environment. […]

Garður Landhouse

Reykjavik, Iceland – Studio Granda Project Year:  2014 Area:  68.4 m2   Garður Landhouse is what a traditional Icelandic turf house would look like in contemporary form. It is insulated by nature as it stands enveloped by grass-covered earth. It looks as if it was carved right into a hill mound. Its walls are covered […]

Casa Tierra: House Cave

Cordoba, Spain – UMMO Estudio Project Year :     2012 Developed Area :     104.0 m2 Photographs :     David Vico If you think humans gave up cave dwelling millennia ago, think again. There are a few wonderful example of cave homes around the world. This one offers all the amenities that make up a […]

Villa Ypsilon

Foinikounta, Greece – LASSA architects Project Year :     2017 Developed Area :     150.0 m2 Photographs :     NAARO At the top of an olive tree-laden hill in Southern Peloponnese is a summer home that has captured the attention of the architectural world. Why not? After all, the Y-shaped Villa Ypsilon is not just […]

Cabin at Longbranch

Longbranch, WA 98351, United States – Olson Kundig Project Year :     2003 Developed Area :     112 m2 ( 1200.0 ft2 ) Photographs :     Kevin Scott, Benjamin Benschneider In a place where the tide meets the stream, a quiet structure sits quietly, proudly displaying the combined beauty of the remnants of the past […]

Bamboo simplicity – Forest for a Moon Dazzler

Forest for a Moon Dazzler - winner “Best House in the World” Category at the World Architecture Festival 2010

Guanacaste, Costa Rica  –  Ben Gracia Saxe Built:    2010 Bamboo is an extraordinarily versatile material.  It’s strong, flexible, lightweight, totally renewable and, potentially very long lasting even when in ground.  The home shown here uses bamboo in both conventional and very unconventional ways.  It’s a home ideally suited to it’s hot, humid locale – open and […]

Leaf House – Indigenous ingenuity

Leaf House - Rio de Janeiro by Mareines + Patalano

Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro – Mareines + Patalano Bamboo, local timbers, copper, massive beams spanning 20 metres and one of the world’s greatest harbours, help to make this a truly unique home. The design drew inspiration from indigenous Brazilian architecture to use natural ventilation to manage the hot and humid climate. Notes from […]

Not Just Another Brick On The Wall…

Climate change is real. Our world is getting warmer. It’s happening and it’s not going away unless we actually live the advocacy for a greener and sustainable environment. And just like what we value most in our lives, care for the environment starts at home, literally. Is your home green? We’re not talking about the color […]

30 Unconventional Homes Around the World

30 Unconventional Homes

People have been building shelters and homes ever since humankind existed in this planet. But unlike before, building houses is not simply about having a roof over our heads anymore. Homes have become, for some people, representative of their identity, advocacy, or the profession of their art. Some of them have become a fusion of art and solutions […]

Chongwe River House

Chongwe River House - Bedroom

 Chongwe River – Zambia This four bedroomed house is built around a frame of natural wood creating the organic shapes that were then plastered. Continuing the all natural theme, all furniture in the sitting are was carved from a single fallen winterthorn tree. Coloured pebbles taken from the river are used to decorate the ceilings. The home is totally […]

Atherton – a pond needing a new home

Near San Francisco CA  –  Turnbull, Griffin Heasloop Year Built:     2009 Built area:      House 3,335 sf | Garage 815 sf | Home office 575 sf | Cabana  505 sf Lot size:         49,770 sq (4,600 m2) Photography:   David Wakely A dilemma! A beautifully landscaped lot with a structurally unsound home! Doesn’t sound too hard […]

Off-the-Grid Strawbale Cabin

Earth rendered straw bale

Nevada City, California – Arkin Tilt Architects Built area: 872 sq. ft.  (81 m2) Photography: Eric Millette Off-the-grid in every sense, this home, is a great example of sustainability. Heating, cooling, all power and even the water are generated or pumped on-site. It’s a vacation home for a young, active family. From the architect: Located […]

Tree House in East London

Taking the garden to the home in East London

East London  United Kingdom – 6a Architects Built area:      57 sqm Year:      2013 Photographs:      Courtesy of 6a Architects The challenge – a mother confined to a wheelchair and increasingly, to a single room in a heritage listed home with major restrictions on renovations and additions. The solution was to […]

DIY Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse – Awesome Produce

DIY Earth Sheltered Greenhouse - Building area

Earth sheltering is a popular method of climatology, also known as geodesy in older literature, and geotechnics in some parts of the world. A greenhouse can be a perfect example of a climatology technique because it is a structure built solely for the purpose of maturing plant products. Building an earth-sheltered greenhouse is an eco-friendly […]

The FLW legacy lives on…

Trout watching over morning coffee

Three Rivers, California –  Frank Robert Built area:     3,000 sq. ft. (278 m2) Land area:    29,000 sq. ft. (2,685 m2) Year built:     1946 – 1947 If you think that this could easily be another Frank Lloyd Wright home, you’re right. The architect, Frank Robert, studied and worked under FLW. The influence shines […]

Water-Cooled House

Bukit Timah, Singapore – Wallflower Architecture + Design Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Albert Lim At an elevation of 537 feet, Bukit Timah is the highest point in Singapore and this home sits right at the crown. The views are extensive and the elevation ensures a constant breeze. That breeze is used to water cool the […]

Della Torre – standing the test of time

Max Pritchard at Della Torre.

Kangarilla, South Australia  –  Max Pritchard Architects Lot area:     Large rural acreage Owner-Builder:     Claire Groom Year Built:     1999 Max Pritchard is an architect with a fierce reputation. He designs for the environment, totally unaffected by the transient trends and fashions of the day. Each of his homes is unique, speaking eloquently […]