Awesome stairs with slides!

Awesome Stairs with Slides

Stairs can be a lot more than just a way for people to access different levels of a home or office. They could be a grand staircase that serves as the main feature of your home or it can be your storage area. But for kids (and us, the kids at heart), a staircase can also be a form of entertainment with some […]

The art of wood stacking

Wood Stacking Art

Got a pile of firewood or logs too huge for a firewood holder/rack? Then you might have simply stacked them in one corner of your yard. But there’s a lot more you can do with a heap of wood! You can create several kinds of artwork with a mountain of wood to decorate your backyard. Some require a […]

Building an Indoor to Outdoor Space

A year-round addition to a home's functionality. I cold climates, Clear cafe blinds will trap the warmth of that fireplace.

When it comes to creating a home, one of the most loved trends of the moment is to bring the outdoors in. This sounds simple enough, but in order to really effectively achieve this you have to make sure both your indoor and outdoor spaces are cohesive and blend into one, so much so that […]

Rustic Timber Countertops

Rustic Wooden Countertops

A cabin or a rustic designed house is not complete without a rustic kitchen countertop. If you’re (re)designing your home or kitchen for the rustic look, don’t forget these wonderful inspiration! The kitchen is one of the busiest and most used areas in any house. But many homeowners don’t give much thought to designing it as much as […]

These wonderful people did everthing to save trees during home construction

Architecture and Trees

You can almost see it for real – your dream home all detailed and built in your mind. You have also bought that perfect land property you’ve been looking for! But there’s just one, not-so-little problem. There’s a tree right in the middle of where your house would be… We’ve all seen and heard several […]

Is a modular home in your future?

Barwon Heads by Modscape

The Australian construction industry is worth around $150 billion annually yet modular housing makes up less than 3% of that figure.  In direct contrast, more than 70% of all new housing in Sweden is modular! Is it possible the Swedes know something that Australians don’t? There’s no question that Sweden has a much colder climate than Australia. […]

Must-see balcony gardens

Balcony Gardens

Aah, don’t these balcony gardens make you wish you had one at home? Beautiful balcony gardens are not just for mansions — as long as you have a balcony, it’s possible! In fact some people without balconies simply hang planter boxes near their windows to come up with a similar-looking feature for their homes. Take a […]

41 reasons not to burn those logs!

A raised vege garden!

Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! The sun will keep you warm if you harness it’s energy and it will still be there tomorrow to do the same. Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so! Now we will admit that some of these […]

Is that a missile, Silo Boy?

Why build a prop for a movie when you can use Alex's home?

Boquet 556-5   New York State  –  Alexander Michael AKA Silo Boy Originally built:     Early 1960 Renovations:     1998 – 2098 Land area:     5 acres Sydney based, Alexander Michael is one of the world’s great designers and, in his own words, “the proud owner of this extraordinary relic of Cold War […]

Pole House

Pole House by F2 Architecture

The Great Ocean Road  Victoria  Australia  –  F2 Architecture Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s great scenic destinations. Facing the Southern Ocean, Pole House seems to hover in mid-air, 40 metres above Fairhaven Beach. It was originally designed and built as a weekend retreat for a couple. It’s spacious for two, crowded for […]

Breakfast Nooks

Your grandmother probably had one. You probably don’t. When and why did breakfast nooks go out of fashion? Has the breakfast bar made them obsolete? Of course the challenge with most bars is exactly that… everyone faces in the same direction like the old ‘counter lunch’. Isn’t conversation better when we’re looking at each other? […]

Newtown Revival

Newtown House by Zugai Strudwick and Henarise - master bathroom

Newtown (Sydney)  Australia  –  Zugai Strudwick Architects Builder:     Henarise Pty Ltd Colour Consulting :      Beth Adderley Photography:      Cameron Ramsay Newtown got its name about 200 years ago. Since then, it’s gone through a decline that made it a very old and tired town before a massive renaissance in the […]

Minneapolis Loft Renovation

Minneapolis  Minnesota USA  –  A and H Architecture Year built:     2013 Photography:     Dana Wheelock The end of industrialization! Western cities are full of empty or near empty buildings that once hummed with activity as warehouses or factories. Some get converted to offices, art galleries and even museums. But with the ever-increasing need […]

The Lotus Centre

Wujin China  –  Studio 505  Year built:     2013 Cost:     $12 million Hey Mum… look what we can get for just AUD$12 million (USD$11.2)!  Seriously, the second thing that struck us after looking at this building – the first being the wonderful concept, is that this is a heck of a lot […]

Do Swimming Pools Really Add More Value To Your Property?

Before adding a pool to your home, it pays to consider your medium term intentions. Will you still be living there in five years? A pool is a major expense. But is it an investment in anything more than leisure? A pool can increase the resale value of our homes and may even shorten the […]

Outdoor Showers

Want to take a shower after a strenuous and messy day in the garden? Then a nice outdoor shower is a great idea. It allows you to come home clean while keeping the mess out where it belongs. An outdoor shower is also the perfect place to rinse off after swimming in the pool. And […]

Y7 House floats on a mountain

Y7-house by Show Architects

Nagasaki  Japan  –  Show Architect Site area:     284 m2  (3,067 sq. ft.) Building envelope:     95.5 m2   (1,031 sq. ft.) Built area:     89.4 m2  (966 sq. ft.) Photography:     Blitz STUDIO Toshihisa Ishii This timber home sits on the side of a mountain offering panaoramic views over Omura Bay. […]

Cleverly Designed Tiny Homes

Many people are finding it’s more efficient to live in a tiny dwelling compared to a full-size home. This might be a difficult transition for most of us who have been living in three or four-bedroom homes. The houses here will show you that lack of space shouldn’t keep a home from being functional and […]

M4 House – Show Architect

M4 House by Show Architect

Higashisonogi-gun Nagasaki  Japan  –  Show Architect Year Built:     2013 Site area:     195.15 m2 Building envelope:     120.61 m2 Built area:     135.13 m2 Photography:     Blitz STUDIO Toshihisa Ishii   From the architect: This house is located in a quiet residential area of Nagasaki Prefecture. The M4-house, was designed on the […]

Sonoma locavore

No prizes for guessing the 'after' in this home!

Sonoma CA USA  –  Cooper Joseph Studio Renovated:    2012 Built area:     2,200 sq. ft. ( 204 m2) Lot size:     Acreage Built as a “spec” home in the 1970’s, the house lacked both style and functionality. It was a standard design trying to make the location fit the house rather than the house […]

31 Container Home in Brisbane

8ft wide and proud of it...

Brisbane  Australia  –  Ziegler Build Lot size:     760 m2  (8,200 sq. ft.) Built area:     460 m2  ( 5,000 sq. ft.)  approx. Year built:     2012 There is a common misconception that ‘container homes’ are something best kept out of suburbia, that container homes may be OK for some people but don’t […]

Mona Vale House

Mona Vale House - Exterior

Mona Vale, NSW – Choi Ropiha Photography: Brett Boardman Built area: 265 sqm Project Year: 2005 – 2008 Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎   If you liked this, you will also […]

Maison Leguay

Bois-Colombes, France – Moussafir Architectes Associés Project area: 232 sqm Project year: 2005 – 2011 Photographs: Courtesy of Jacques Moussafir, Gilles Poirée Harmony is always a challenge in a renovation project that also involves adding an extension to an old structure. In order to preserve the authenticity of the original structure, the transition from the […]

The Integral House

The Integral House - Exterior

Toronto, Canada – Shim-Sutcliffe Architects Built area: 18,000 sq. ft. Completion Year: 2009 It has a floor area of 18,000 sq. ft., overlooks a ravine, 4 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, a blown glass staircase, an elevator, and a concert hall that could seat 150. It was also a family […]