Structural Pest Control: 6 Useful Tips For Homeowners

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Are you looking for an effective pest control method?  You may want to seek professional pest control services or do it on your own. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’d be effective against infestation, which may result in severe structural damages in the long run. 

But, why do you really want to get rid of pests?  For one, they’re known as carriers of various diseases, which, most of the time, could lead to fatal health conditions. Apart from it, you may be poisoned as some insects may inject venom. Lastly, pest infestation can lead to structural collapse if neglected. 

Suppose you’re a homeowner who’s just moved to your new home. In that case, you may want to know about the tips and tricks that could effectively get rid of pests. This is an article that could help you in that matter. Read on! 

  1. Install Nets In The Windows And Crawl Spaces 

Whether you want to block rodents or small insects, installing nets is a reliable way of foiling entry. This method, called pest netting, wards off the pests while allowing air and water to flow freely. The meshes differ in size, depending on the type of pest homeowners want to prevent. Yet, the nests may require maintenance as they’re prone to aggressive tearing, generally because of rodents recurring attempts of entry.

  1. Keep The Kitchen Dry And Clean 

Pests like to dwell in wet and dirty areas. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean and dry the spaces under your sink. In addition, you need to declutter the spaces under appliances and kitchen furniture. You may check these places if there are termites, rodents, and insects boring holes.

  1. Schedule An Annual Pest Control Treatment 

Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, having your house undergo an annual pest control treatment is essential in getting rid of the pests. You may choose between organic and chemical options to prevent cockroaches, termites, silverfish, and others from infesting your property. 

Contacting a professional pest control service, is an effective way to get to know more of the different services of which you could avail. After every treatment, you may need to thoroughly clean the same spaces for them to be free from toxins and chemicals that might be harmful to your health. 

  1. Throw Away Standing Water 

Mosquitoes thrive in places with standing water. This is pretty common in the bathroom, crawl spaces, and basement. If the water is shallow, you may use towels or rags to get rid of it. If the water is high, you could use a wet-dry vacuum, or even a pump if it’s deep enough. 

In addition, you could check pipes for leaks as these are some of the usual causes of puddles of water that may cause damages. For the standing water in the gutter, you may need to de-clog the waterways by sweeping the dirt off. 

  1. Throw Away Rotting Fruits 

Rotten fruits and other perishable produce attract flies, ants, and other insects. Generally, when these insects start to live in the areas where the fruits are kept, they live in groups in the gaps and available spaces. In a way, these insects damage the wood, concrete, and other parts of the house they choose to live in. 

To avoid this, you could throw away the fruits and veggies that start to rot off. Among these different fruits and crops, the following are the top attractants to pests due to their smell and watery pulp: 

  • tomatoes 
  • squash 
  • melons 
  • onions 
  • potatoes 

Ideally, you could dispose of these fruits when they start to release pungent odor to prevent flies and other insects from dwelling indoors. In addition, you could repurpose the fruits into organic fertilizers so that you could maximize their use. 

  1. Clean And Guard The Vents 

You may need to check the vent’s entryways if they’re properly sealed. In connection with this, trim the branches of trees that may attach to the exit points of ventilation systems. In addition, ensure that the gap between the wall and vent is tightly covered to block pests from entering. 

Wrapping Up 

While it may seem non-destructive at first, neglecting pests may pay more than what’s expected. To prevent it from growing into a more complex problem, such as structural collapse, you may need to contact a reliable pest control company or do your best version of getting rid of house pests. 

So, the next time you discover some rodents living in your house’s crawl spaces, you’d know what to do. In this case, you may seek the help of a professional pest control service provider or fix the problem yourself. 



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