Water Feature Project: How To Build A Terra Cotta Fountain

Water Feature Project: How To Build A Terra Cotta Fountain


We all have some terra cotta planters that we’ve failed to upgrade or use for our plants. Because the pots are inexpensive and widely available, they do tend to pile up. But the clever DIY enthusiast knows better than to throw them away.

Do you have spare terra cotta pots in your garden? You can turn these pots into a water feature you can add to your outdoor space or garden.

Terra Cotta Fountains

Assembling a fountain might sound like a DIY project for the experts, but by starting with small terra cotta pots you can easily learn how to make one on your own. Once you’ve grasped how fountain systems work, all you have to think about is how to decorate your very own water feature 🙂

Since pots are available in various sizes, having a terra cotta water feature is possible for any part of the home — living area, kitchen, patio, deck, garden, or even in bathrooms.

Could this be your next weekend project?

You’ll need these materials:

And these tools:

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