Attractive DIY Miniature Hobbit Hole

How cute is this?
How cute is this?

They are miniature gardens that sing with magic. Minute houses, tiny chairs, lawns, and ponds – fairy worlds that you can create in any space inside or out. They are so small that, you can fit one anywhere: the corner of a flower bed, under a tree, or in a pot on the patio.

Whether you’re making it for old or young, a fairy garden can provide an enchanted haven they’ll surely enjoy. And you’ll find that making it yourself is more satisfying than buying one.

Fairy gardens are a great way to create a magical space for children. It’s a good activity to get them involved and interested in gardening, appreciate the environment, and stimulate their imagination. Give them a spot in the garden where they can create their own fairy garden.

When making a fairy garden, your imagination is your limit. This miniature hobbit hole is the perfect example. It’s very easy to make, and materials are easy to find in your local craft and gardening store.

DIY Miniature Hobbit Hole - Lord of the Rings Miniature

What are the materials needed to make a Miniature Hobbit Hole?

Would you like to attract fairies to your garden? Then this project is for you!

You’ll need the following materials and tools to make your DIY miniature hobbit hole.


  • Slab of Wood
  • Sand Paper
  • Emery Paper
  • Wire Wool
  • Thin Wood Planks
  • Meranti wood
  • Black Plastic (glossy)
  • Green Cuprinol
  • Dark Wood Stain
  • A small golden round object for the Door Knob (button)
  • Akadama Soil
  • Peat/Clay Muck
  • Plastic Mesh
  • Roofing Tile – cut into small bricks
  • Quick-dry Cement
  • Aluminum Tie Wires
  • Anodised Aluminium Wire
  • Florist’s Oasis
  • Moss


  • Small Metal Lathe
  • Dremel
  • Tweezer
  • Cutter

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Amazon has an extensive range of fairy garden pieces starting from just $3.00.

Thanks to Bonsai Empire for this great project. You can get step by step instructions here.

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