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Best Hobbit Hole Playhouses

Hobbit Hole Playhouses

A playhouse is a great place for kids to hang out when they’re playing outdoor. Playhouses are becoming very popular in many places and there are many reasons why they are.

They are fun and they are a good place for children to hang out with friends and cousins while they are playing outside. These hobbit playhouses from Wooden Wonders will make you wish you were a child again!

These unique-looking playhouses are inspired by the famous hobbit holes from the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie. Apparently, the dwellings of hobbits make a great playhouse for children too 😀

A hobbit is a fictional humanoid race in author J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. Hobbits were considered to be halflings, a race that was approximately the same height as dwarves. They were known for their simple, pleasant, and pastoral life.

The Hobbit Hole is a tiny one-room roundhouse with a low door that was typical of hobbit homes in the Shire.  A hobbit hole is a very small house, about 2 meters (6.5 feet) high. Hobbit holes were built underground, with only a little window or chimney poking out of the grass.

Little furniture for your kids to enjoy inside their hobbit hole playhouse!

Hobbit Hole Playhouses is popular in the USA. Hobbit Hole Playhouses is an exclusive playhouse. This is the most unique, most artistically beautiful, and most well-made playhouse in the world. It is made using fine wood, hand-rubbed finishes, and only the most durable, safe, and realistic-looking materials.

Hobbit Hole Playhouses are built by the most talented woodworkers using only the best quality wood. They are artistically painted on the outside and decorated on the inside. They look like real stone, real brick, and real wood.

If you want to make it a little more cool looking there are lots of ways of doing that. You can add a little spice to your hobbit hole playhouse, you can bring in a mattress or rocking chairs to sleep on, or you can build shelves for you your kid’s toys.

Hobbit Hole Playhouse with slides!

You can create a little bathroom in it, or add a little desk for homework, or a kitchen and a dining table, or even a little deck outside the front. There are endless possibilities for doing it this way.

Some parents even add slides outside their hobbit hole playhouse for their kids to enjoy. This way, the kids will not only enjoy playing inside the hobbit hole playhouse but will also love sliding outside!

They are sturdy and built to last. Kids love to play in them. Hobbit Hole playhouses are the most popular.

Hobbit Hole Playhouses
Adding planters with beautiful flowers outside the Hobbit Hole Playhouses will make it look better!

What’s really great about these is that you don’t really need a child in the home to justify having one since they are such an interesting garden feature.

And anyway. when the kids have outgrown them as playhouses, you can turn yours into a storage shed for garden tools, a coop for raising chickens, or just a special place for yourself!

Hobbit Hole Playhouses
Make sure the doors of your hobbit hole playhouses are sturdy!

Don’t want to have to stoop down? Well, the good news is that they also make adult-size hobbit holes that can be used as a shed, backyard retreat, or even as a home office.

Would you like your own hobbit hole?

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Thanks to  Wooden Wonders for these wonderful hobbit hole playhouses.


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