7 Ways to Set Up Your New Work-From-Home (WFH) Station

WFH Setup Tricks

Just starting your first work-from-home job and wondering how you’re going to manage it all? Worry not. We have just the right recipe for your first remote experience and you’ll have a great time at home. We do understand that working from home is not for everyone. WFH Wonders: 7 Tips for Crafting the Perfect […]

Does Your Home Need a Generator?

Storms often disrupt power supplies

When you planning your new home, there are lots of things that you need to think about. There are the obvious ones like needing to consider the way that the rooms will be designed and the type of furniture that you want to include. But there are also the less obvious and sometimes, overlooked. For […]

The Studio Fiskavaig

Isle of Skye,  Scotland –  The Rural Design Studio Built area:    30.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: David Barbour Grassy knolls surround Studio Fiskavaig, a small holiday home in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The design is basic and simple. It’ll only take a year to build, interiors included. The Studio is a part […]

Creative Home Office Ideas

Are you working from home or may be thinking about joining the bandwagon? It’s important that you establish a workspace that allows you to concentrate on your business, and work in peace. The idea of working from home is very appealing because of the many advantages it offers. You get to save time and money by not […]


Kerhonkson, United States – Studio MM Architect Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     116.76 sqm The Tinkerbox, located in the Hudson Valley and surrounded by more than 10 acres of forest, is a home built to focus on the homeowner’s love for cars. This explains the extra-large garage which provides more than […]

Cut and Frame

Grange Park, London N21, United Kingdom – Ashton Porter Architects Project Year :     2013 Developed Area :     178.0 sqm ( 1922.4 Sq ft2 ) Photographs :     Andy Stagg The Cut and Frame house is the product of a remodelling project aimed at providing separate but connected working spaces for the […]

Enough House

enough house

Nova Scotia, Canada – MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Project Year:     2015 Developed Area :     64.81 m2 ( 700.0 ft2 ) Photographs:     William Green, James Brittain Located on the Atlantic coast, the surrounding farm is built by the sea on the historic ruins of Nova Scotia, Canada. This house was built within structures […]

There’s a Doppelgänger in France

Saint-Molf, France – KARST architecture Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     40.0 m2 ( 432 ft2 ) Photographs :     Amélie Labourdette This house built with wood wanted to mimic the ancient traditional houses made of stone and cob wall. Hence, it’s named the Doppelgänger as its characteristics follow the […]

Sonnenschiff… a solar village to work, rest and play!

  Australia gets more sunshine than any other country on Earth. It is, and always has been a pioneer in solar energy developments. Yet it is Germany, not Australia, that leads the world in solar energy production. Sun Ship (Sonnenschiff) and the integated Solar Village (Solarsiedlung) in the city of Frieburg is a leading example […]

Bark Studio

Bark Studio - Mezzanine Level

Noosa Hinterland  Q  Australia  –  Bark Design Year built:     2001 Built area:     100 m2  (1,080 sq.ft.) Awards: Royal Australian Institute of Architects:  Sunshine Coast Building of the Year Royal Australian Institute of Architects:    Beatrice Hutton Award for Commericial Building Architecture Australian Steel Institute:    Architectural Steel Design State Award 2003. […]

Southern Highlands Studio

Fire safety was a primary design consideration

Bullio  NSW  Australia  –  Benn and Penna Architecture Year built:     2013 There are some places in Australia where the risk of bush fires is ever-present. When the bush burns, it does so at a terrifying speed since the native eucalyptus exude a highly flammable oil through their leaves. Houses need to be designed […]

Like a glove – the Dovecote Studio

Dovecote Studio - Exterior

Snape Maltings, England – Haworth Tompkins Year built:     2009 Photography:     Philip Vile Dovecote:  A shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons. Snape Maltings was an abandoned industrial site before being reborn as a music and art centre by none other than Benjamin Britten. The existing ruins used here, once formed a two-storey brick dovecote. The ruins […]

4×4 in São Paulo

4x4 Studio - Sloping area

Sao Paulo, Brasil – Teresa Mascaro Project Area: 18.5 sqm Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Cristiano Mascaro No, not X-country, but a work space exactly 4 metres x 4 metres designed to inspire creativity for it’s photographer owner. The typically boring walls, partitions and white artificial lighting of a conventional office all serve to confine us in our […]

Great Home Office Cat Transit System

Do you have a cat that needs entertainment and distraction from the furnishings? Then this idea could be for you! This transit system goes around three sides of the room, with one end giving the cat access to the top of a display cabinet. It also includes some windows so that it can have a view […]

The Home Office

Galley style home office by Wormser and Associates Architects

Some of us work from home by choice. Others do it because they have no choice. Regardless of the reason, productivity is very dependent on good design and function. In this section you’ll find lots of inspiration to help make your home office both productive and welcoming!

Moor Street Apartment and Office

Moor Street Studio - Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia – Clare Cousins Photography: Shannon McGrath Another great example of ‘walk to work’, in this case through an interconnecting doorway that separates two large warehouse apartments. From a warehouse to a residence and office, this project exemplifies how buildings can be upcycled rather than demolished for urban renewal projects. This renovation gives justice to the […]

The Floating Egg

The Exbury Egg

River Beaulieu  Hampshire, UK – Stephen Turner, Perring Architecture & Design and SPUD Design Studio Built area:     6 x 2.8 m2  (20 x 10 ft) Project Year:     2013 Photography:     Nigel Rigden Artist, Stephen Turner, didn’t just want to paint wildlife as an observer, he wanted to be a participant. To achieve […]

The Many Faces of a Polyhedron

Habitable Polyhedron - Bogota, Colombia

Habitable Polyhedron Bogota Columbia – Manuel Villa Built Area:     7.5 m2 (81 sq. ft.) Year Built:     2009 Photography:  Sergio Gómez Originally designed for the backyard of a couple with a young child who wanted a “shelter” while enjoying the outdoors, the Habitable Polyhedron obviously has many possible uses.  Guest accommodation, a home office or a […]

Casa Kike – 16,000 books and a grand piano

Casa Kike - Costa Rica

Beachfront  Cahuita  Costa Rica  – Gianni Botsford Architects Year Built:     2007 Surely, one of the toughest gigs an architect must face would be designing a home for his father. But in this instance, Keith Botsford, a writer, gave free rein when he decided to retire from Boston, USA to Costa Rica. The over-riding requirement […]

Light, Water and Landscape – Daeyang Gallery and House

A symphony of modules...

Seoul, Korea –  Steven Holl Architects Built area:     1,760 m2  (10,700 sq. ft.) Year built:     June 2012 (concept 2008) Photography:    Iwan Baan and Holl Architects Many of us choose to work from home, but an artist’s needs are, perhaps, somewhat different to most. This is especially evident when the home […]

Weaving In The Woods

Weaving Studio – Prentiss Architects Location:  San Juan Island, Washington State USAYear Built:    2010Built area:    1250 sq ft (116 m2) I’ve only visited the San Juan Islands once. I was the guest of Ted Brewer, an extraordinary naval architect. I can’t recall how long the trip took from Seattle but it was worth every […]

3 Needs – Three Studios

The Cooper Joseph Studio - work, rest and listen

If you work from home, you probably know how good it is to have a dedicated studio – a place to stay focused away from the everyday household distractions. In this album, there are three very different studios. The first is for a writer, the second for a sculptor and the third, is as a […]

To Work and Back in 60 Seconds…

Concept drawings

Hackney, London  UK  –  Edgley Design Area -Studio:     79 m2  (853 sq. ft.) Area – Home:     105 m2  (1,134 sq ft) Year Built:          2011 Like so many cities, London is crowded and expensive.  Infill provides opportunity for greater use of space without forcing people to either live in high-density […]

The Hackney Shed – An Awesome Home Office

A simple, elegant workspace

Creating a simple and elegant home office is essential for any professional. It allows you to have a place to focus on your work and avoid distractions. However, creating one could be a big challenge. Take a look at this home office from Hackney, London as a good example. But, in order to have an […]