DIY Floral Decor: Handcrafted Projects to Embellish Your Home

Floral Decor

If you delight in the delicate details of flowers, you’re not alone. Nothing breathes life into a home quite like these enchanting emblems of nature. The freshness, color, and serenity that flowers provide are unparalleled. Blooming Brilliance: A DIY Guide to Floral Décor In this guide, we’re going to explore how you can make your […]

7 Mural Wallpaper Ideas For Home + Tips on How to Install

Making your home look nice shouldn’t be boring, and you can make a mural right on your walls with the right colors and patterns.  Check out these 7 different wallpaper ideas as well as some tips on how to install them.  1. Colorful Designs When you’re decorating your kid’s bedroom, it’s important to make sure […]

How to Transform a Bare Wall Into a Feature Wall

Sometimes, you can be so busy focusing on building a home with a layout you love that you forget what the walls will look like in each room once they’re finished. When you’re ready to move into your house, it may only be a matter of time before you realize it’s missing something.  While there […]

Sectional Sofa – 5 Important Things You Need to Know Before You Buying Them

Sectional Sofas

Furniture manufacturers offer sectional sofas in a variety of modules. This allows for customization well beyond a simple sofa with an attached chaise. In fact, buyers today can create custom configurations for specific spaces and activities!  So it can be tricky. “Shopping for a sectional sofa isn’t like shopping for a simple chair, when an […]

10 Innovative Rustic Log Decor Ideas

Rustic Log Decor Ideas

If you are looking to make your house a little homey, why not consider these log decor ideas? If you are looking at giving your home a touch of that rustic and homey feel that is often found in country homes, then these log decor ideas will surely satisfy you! Elements that bring a little […]

Eight beautiful rain chain ideas

Rain Chain Ideas

Need to have your downspout replaced? Instead of buying boring pipes, why not make rain chains using recycled materials? Rain chains are a type of decorative downspout that capture and redirect rainwater from a roof. They are actually nothing new at all. The ancient Japanese and Chinese used them centuries ago. The rain chains of […]

Get creative with rattan ball patio lights!

Rattan Ball Lights

If you’re thinking of good patio lighting that you can use all year round, then this inexpensive project is for you! Simply replace rattan balls to suit any season or occasion… Good patio lighting is cheap and easy to install, but it pays huge dividends when you’re entertaining on the patio. In fact, the right lights […]

8 Awesome DIY Garden Art Ideas

Garden Art

Want to add a little whimsey to your garden? Flowers and colourful plants surely bring life into our homes, but sometimes we still feel the need to add more to make them merrier. If you – or your children, think your garden needs more life, these garden art ideas can turn your yard into a wonderland! […]

9 Wonderful Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Amazing Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Want to know how to improve your home interior using indoor plants? One or two of these beautiful ideas for displaying your plants might just suit your home! Indoor plant is a plant that is grown indoors, typically in a pot because because they can add color and life to a space. Indoor plants are a great […]

12 Lovely Designs for DIY Hand Planters

If you’re looking for something a little different, these hand planters are sure to appeal. They’re made from hypertufa, a material that resembles stone but is much lighter and easier to work with. Relax! These are ‘armless hypertufa hands 😀 Hypertufa is a ‘rock’ made from aggregates bonded together with Portland cement. It’s a manufactured […]

4 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Arbor Trellis

DIY Arbor Trellis - Trellis bits removed

An arbor trellis is used at the top of an arch or arch-like setting, specifically a pergola, where vines and climbing plants can be trained to grow. It is a structure that supports climbing plants, such as grapes or wisteria. The arbor trellis is typically located in a garden or arboretum, and sometimes in public […]

DIY Barrel Planter: 4 Easy Building Steps

Have you tried upcycling your plastic barrels? Why don’t you try having these DIY Barrel Planters? Here’s how to make a cheap, cheerful vertical garden that works in almost any space. Our world is building up growing quantities of plastic, and as the demand for plastic grows, so does the need for collecting, recycling, and […]

Amazing DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Tables!

DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Table

Repurpose!  These timber spools end up in landfills. Give one a new life by turning it into a great-looking mosaic table! Use old, excess, or unwanted materials for your mosaic design such as china, colored tiles, or glass. You could also add some wheel casters under for easier mobility. Mosaic tiles are mostly made from […]

The Best DIY Mosaic Lady Bugs in 6 Easy steps

Mosaics are a great way to add some individuality to your home. Mosaics are a homemade way of putting images, words, or art on a surface. This can be done by using pieces of glass and gluing them together to make a picture in a frame, or by using other materials such as ceramic or […]

A Wonderful DIY Chandelier for your Garden

When the days become longer and warmer, it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas for spring and summer. Staying outdoors on longer and warmer nights with a great chandelier is one of the best parts of summer. There’s nothing like being able to spend time outside in the evening when the temperature is […]

100% Stunning DIY Mason Jar Lantern

Looking for a great outdoor decorating idea? Light up your yard with these DIY mason jar lanterns… Get ready to shine! If you’ve been thinking about creating a pretty outdoor ambience for your summer parties, but you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, don’t worry. Outdoor lighting is a vital part of securing […]

100% Luxurious DIY Wood Slice Mirror

Looking for a weekend DIY project? Then this DIY wood slice mirror could be for you! A mirror is a device that reverses the image and shows you what you look like. It is only a reflection of your image. However, as humans, we tend to look at the reflection in the mirror and think […]

How To Create A DIY Hemp Pendant Lantern – 8 Creative Steps

No matter where we spend our day, eventually, we come back to our home where we relax, eat, and spend time with our family. We all want our home to look beautiful and clean. We feel proud when anyone praises our house for its decor and beauty. But – most of the time – finding […]

Christmas and the Festive Season

Despite the religious significance, Christmas is now celebrated all over the world by Christians and non-Christians alike. Perhaps because of its global reach, the holiday has taken on a more secular meaning in recent years, with people of all faiths and backgrounds coming together to exchange gifts. It is becoming increasingly common to see Christmas […]