Bare House

Herzliya, Israel – Jacobs -Yaniv Architects Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     270.0 m2 Photographs :     Amit Geron Bare House is a family home designed to meet the needs of a couple and their two children. The homeowners are architects and it took them 6 long years to finally come up […]

Look… No Triangles!

Each corbelled bamboo beam member is bolted to the column which helps achieve a rigid frame

By Guest Blogger Munir Vahanvati The use of triangles is one of the fundamental principles for bamboo construction which is commonly used in most bamboo structures for stability and rigidity. Keeping with our principle of exploring new designs and connections in every project we decided to challenge the notion of using triangulation for structural stability. […]

Privacy Screen Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Think your outdoor living area needs a little more privacy? Then here are some great DIY ideas that can isolate your space, yet still allow for the enjoyment of the outdoors! Spending some time to unwind on a well-decorated and furnished yard or patio can be the next best thing to going on a weekend beach getaway — especially […]

Ten wonderful ways to improve your outdoor with wood

Outdoor Projects with Wood

Whether it be fine wood furniture, wooden vases and bowls, hardwood floors, barn wood beams, reclaimed wood bar tops, butcher block countertops, we seek it out. Perhaps the universal appeal of wood is an extension of our common love of trees, nature, and the outdoors. Wood is great for outdoor projects because its a  low-maintenance material […]

Must-see balcony gardens

Balcony Gardens

Aah, don’t these balcony gardens make you wish you had one at home? Beautiful balcony gardens are not just for mansions — as long as you have a balcony, it’s possible! In fact some people without balconies simply hang planter boxes near their windows to come up with a similar-looking feature for their homes. Take a […]

Inexpensive Patio Furniture

The outdoor area is one of the best parts of the house. It’s great for enjoying nature, entertaining, and spending some time alone. For you to fully utilize this area it should be well furnished. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to add furniture to your outdoor […]

Creative Courtyards

A well designed courtyard offers both visual and aural privacy

A courtyard can offer exceptional privacy even in the middle of high density housing. If well thought out and designed, a courtyard offers both visual and aural privacy. Both are important when so many homes today have so little space separating them. Of course, a courtyard isn’t soundproof, but the walls act as a sound […]

DIY Platform Deck

DIY Platform Deck - Install a drip edge

A deck is a great place to enjoy the outdoors while reading a book or enjoying a cool beverage. It’s also a perfect spot to entertain friends and family, especially if your home is short on space. Decks offer great ‘bang for your buck’ value and are a great introduction to bigger projects. All it takes […]

DIY Deck Projects

Decking ideas

A deck or courtyard can change the entire character of a home. They bring the outside in and take inside out, extending your living areas at the lowest cost per m2. They’re great for entertaining, having a Sunday brunch with the kids or just as a place to sit and read! You’ll find the ‘how […]

DIY Backyard Pergola

Pergolas are not only architecturally attractive, but when you add some climbing plants, can provide some protection from the summer sun. This structure is great for any yard as it adds beauty without consuming too much of the space. Its beautiful frames blend well with its environment, making people enjoy the outdoors while still giving a sense of […]

Rustic Garden Gazebo

Rustic Garden Gazebo

From discussions with members, we find many don’t use their yard as much as they would like to. One reason is that there is nowhere to just sit and ‘chill out’. It is much easier to tackle a big landscaping project than most people realise. The key is always in the planning and also being […]

Relax in your yard even without trees with this DIY hammock stand!

DIY Hammock Stand

Hammocks aren’t just for relaxing family holidays – although they are excellent for that. They can also improve your mental and physical health, , helping you become calmer, well-rested person. A study out of the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that swaying gently in a hammock can often cure insomnia. The gentle swing of a […]

Decks – something for every taste and every style of home…

Decks!  They bring the outside in and the inside out.  They are the lowest cost way to extend your living area and they can be easily converted to an all-weather entertaining area with the addition of a roof deck and vinyl curtains. They can be a part of your house or totally detached. And they’re a […]