A Complete Guide on How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor can last a lifetime but it may need to be renovated and possibly even refinished after a while. Especially if your hardwood floors have lost their shine, it may be time to refinish them. This will involve repairing and sanding the wood and applying three coats of finish. Dirty floors can be […]

Seven solid reasons for using bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring has many advantages to offer a homeowner

Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option in new homes and in renovations. Before deciding whether to install a bamboo floor , it’s important that you know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this material for your project. The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring There are many advantages to bamboo including its environmental friendliness, […]

Puzzle Floor Ideas

Puzzle Floors

Flooring is usually not a design focus when it comes to home and interior design. It may even be just an afterthought in most cases, but the designers of these puzzle floor coverings obviously think otherwise! To them, a floor is not just a surface that people walk on – it can be major design element. And […]

Timber Finished Floors – Which One Is Right For You?

Bamboo flooring is very durable and available in a range of colours

OK, carpet may be soft underfoot but there are so many reasons why it’s time for change. If you have ever been present when carpet is pulled up, you have seen the mountains of dirt you thought you’d vacuumed away with your weekly clean! Those millions and millions of fibers are wonderful at catching, trapping […]

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Materials

Apart from the fact that they can make any room look more spacious, timber flooring offers a warmth and beauty that can’t be duplicated by carpet, tile or laminate. Wood never becomes outdated. Other options may have patterns, styles and colors, but these give them a limited lifespan. Timber is timeless, and when it needs […]

DIY Pallet Flooring

DIY Pallet Flooring - Pallets needed

Timber flooring can add that rich and warm look to your home’s interiors. They’re great for kids, for barefoot comfort compared to walking on tiled concrete floors. They’re also low maintenance than carpeted floors. If you love the idea of timber flooring, but don’t have the budget for it, then a DIY Pallet Flooring could be the solution […]

Floors – every home has at least one!

Every home ever built shares two things in common, a roof and a floor. Even a cave dwelling has both. We don’t spend much time thinking about our roofs but we spend a lot of hours every day interacting with our floors. Whether we’re sitting, standing or walking, the floor is there. Given it’s ever-present […]

Laminate flooring – a saga of smoke, noise and frustration

Narrow board laminate flooring showing a typical 'click' connection.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Laminate? Well, to cut laminate you use the finest tooth blade you can get and I had almost 200 m2 of flooring to get down. So when I started cutting my Formica brand flooring and discovered my (not so sharp) 60 tooth blade was grinding through the 10mm boards, I invested […]