What to Expect When You Get Your Hardwood Floors Refinished

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Hardwood Floor
In this post, we will take you through what you could expect from a hardwood floor refinishing project.

Hardwood flooring brings out the shine and beauty in your living space. It is characterized by elegance and warmth. Unfortunately, this type of flooring can take quite a beating over a few years and lose this elegance. Is your hardwood flooring looking pretty tired and run down? 

Refinishing it can give life back to your space. In this post, we will take you through what you could expect from a hardwood floor refinishing project.

Introduction to Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwoods can truly be a transformation process in restoring your home’s flooring to its new look and lifespan. This is an inexpensive solution that does not lose the timeless elegance that the hardwood floors offer for ages to come. It all starts with establishing your hardwood floor’s condition. 

This is accomplished by checking your floor for very clear deep scratches, or gouges. Overall signs of wear are also checked, ranging from instances where the finish has been worn to those in which the finish is dulled

Taking stock of your floor’s condition is essential in determining the steps you need to take to refinish them. A worn-out hardwood floor could be characterized by minor imperfections to major ones that require more effort to repair. For minor issues, you can simply recoat or do spot repairs.

For more drastic problems, you may have to scrap everything and start anew with an all-new refinishing job. This offers you a chance to remodel your home with a simple change in the shade of the stain or finish. Refinishing will have your hardwood floors just like you like them, suiting your style and personal appeal perfectly, be it classic glossy or the latest in fashion with a matte finish.

Preparation Process

The entire moveable furniture and everything else are to be removed from the room. This can be done by the flooring contractor so that he has free access to the entire floor area and does not miss any surface while refinishing. It becomes quintessential to remove all furniture, area rugs, and other stuff from the room so that they are not marred by dust, debris, or stray finishing materials.

After cleaning up the room, thoroughly clean its flooring free from any dust, dirt, or debris. The floor should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a broom and then a mop or cloth that is wetted with water to leave the floor surface free from any deposit. 

More attention should be taken to any dirt or grime that may have settled along baseboards and in corners. When the floors are cleaned, you can focus on repairs such as filling the gaps between the floorboards and replacing those that are damaged or loose. 

Hardwood Floor
Refinishing hardwoods can truly be a transformation process in restoring your home’s flooring to its new look and lifespan.

Timeline and Duration

Part of the details regarding planning relative to the task of the hardwood floor refinishing is the duration such a task should take and the duration it should have before repeating the same exercise. 

General expectations include the duration as indicated below; actual durations may vary depending on the size of the area under refinishing and the type of the hardwood, and may also vary based on the extent of the refinishing required:


Assessment generally carries a bit of preparation before the refinishing work. It involves the assessment of the state of the floor, removal of equipment, moving all other furniture and equipment out of the room, and floor sanding preparation. This can take a few hours or the whole day, depending on the scope of work.


Sanding tends to turn out as one of the processes involved in refinishing hardwood floors that require plenty of time. Sometimes, this process is inclined to use up much time with regard to either the condition and extent of damage of the floor or the type of equipment to be used. 

In fact, some smaller-sized areas and those floors with low levels of damage can be sanded within the space of a day or two. For larger-sized floors and those with much damage, the sanding may take days on end.


If scheduled with refinishing, staining generally adds a few days to the refinishing process. Applying the stain, drying, and checking for the color of the stain is part of the staining process; it is often necessary to apply more than one coat. Make sure each coat has completely dried before applying another coat.

Applying the Finish

The finish is then applied after sanding and staining if needed. This is usually an application of several coats of finish one over the other, with each coat left to dry before another one is applied. This may take a number of days to accomplish, depending on the finish and temperature with humidity.

Hardwood Floor
Refinished hardwood floors should be maintained to keep their appearance and guarantee them a longer lifespan.

Cure and Finishing Touches

Some final touch-ups may be required after the finish top coat dries, to really bring out the floors to the best possible look. It could be burning the surface to remove imperfections, or applying more coats of finish for extra protection and shine. The level of durability on your hardwood refinishing is highly determined by the Sufficient drying time between coats as you should allow the finish to cure.


Refinished hardwood floors should be maintained to keep their appearance and guarantee them a longer lifespan. Clean them regularly by using a moist mop or a specialized cleaner for hardwood floors. Ensure that no residue is left behind on the floor. Do not use harsh chemicals and too much water; they will destroy the finish.

Be sure to dry up any spills immediately to prevent further staining and warping. Place felt pads under furniture feet to prevent scratching your floor or use area rugs in high-traffic areas. Periodically check the finish quality, and apply a new coat if wear or dullness is just beginning to appear, to keep your hardwood floors protected and beautiful.


The importance of hardwood floor refinishing should never be understated. Refinishing allows your home a new look and new style. Hardwood floors are impacted by weariness from damages over the years. All you have to remember is to consult hardwood refinishing professionals to get the work done. 

You should carefully look into your budget while choosing cost-friendly services without sacrificing quality. Hardwood floor refinishing is a major home project that requires proper planning. Having a good team working for you is your best option, because cheap becomes expensive in the long run.



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