Types of Whole House Water Filters 2024 | Ultimate Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates over 90 different contaminants in drinking water, out of 85,000 toxic chemicals. Shocking, right? So, how do households protect themselves from these contaminants lurking in the waters? Whole house water filtration systems! Investing in a filtration system is a significant decision. So, do your research before getting one. Ask […]

6 Sustainable Materials Revolutionizing Modern Architecture

Climate change is a major issue humanity is facing right now. A major source of climate-changing emissions is the different building materials we use in architecture.  6 Eco-Friendly Materials Redefining Architecture Builders are increasingly turning to sustainable practices in architecture and construction to reduce their ecological footprint.  They can minimize the impact of construction on […]

Rooftop Gardens: Elevating Your Outdoor Space

Rooftop gardens are the ultimate urban oasis that have taken the concrete jungle by storm!

In the hustle and bustle of urban living, outdoor spaces can be a precious retreat. However, limited land availability often forces city dwellers to think creatively when it comes to creating green havens. Enter the rooftop garden – a thriving trend that not only maximizes available space but also provides a host of benefits. In […]

Energy-Efficient Windows: A Smart Investment for Your Home’s Future

Energy-Efficient Windows

Keeping the temperature of your home high during the coldest month of the year or low during the hottest tends to hit your electric bills badly. Energy-efficient windows are the answer to making your home comfortable throughout the year.  Continue reading our energy-efficient windows guide to know why adding them to your home is worth […]

Home Energy Upgrades Worth the Investment

The modern homeowner has a wide range of options when it comes to energy efficiency. From simple DIY projects to more complex and expensive upgrades, there are plenty of ways to make your home more energy efficient. In this article, we will explore the benefits of an efficient home, the energy-efficiency home improvements you can […]

9 Ways You Can Minimize Energy Costs for Your Home

Energy prices are going up. And, from all we read and hear, they are not coming down anytime soon! However, before you start worrying about how you’ll find the funds to cover higher energy bills, you should be aware that there are some simple methods you can use to minimize the energy costs for your […]

Why You Should Install Your Own Skylight

Natural light will always be a better option than artificial light. It touches your home with a rich color that light bulbs could never achieve. And it highlights your home, revealing how functional, warm, and beautiful it is.   To invite more light into your home, you can add a skylight to your roof. Most people […]

9 Factors To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Before installing a solar panel system in your home, you need to consider several factors. It is no different from any home improvement activity. Even more so, this needs accurate cost/benefit calculation because it is a significant investment you intend to make in your home. You need to research the features, benefits, and costs a […]

How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last? Solar System Degradation Explained…

It’s hardly news… solar panels are a great way to generate your own electricity to save money. With prices sitting at historical lows, it makes sense to think about going solar. However, even with the current low costs, a solar panel investment can still require a considerable outlay. How much you will save on your […]

VV Residence

Naranjo de Alajuela, Costa Rica – 10˚84˚ Arquitectura Built Area:     188.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Adrián Aguilar González VV Residence’s design fully integrates the surrounding landscape – a gorgeous vista of lush greenery and nature. The architects employed passive design strategies, resulting in a well-functioning hygrothermal home. As a result, there’s […]

Home for Life

Lystrup, Denmark –  AART Architects Built area:    200.0 m2 Year built:    2008 Home for Life is a residential structure that has net zero carbon footprint. It actively makes use of solar energy by producing solar heat and electricity. Combining form and function, the idea behind this architectural piece is something that greatly benefits the environment. […]

D House

Hoàng Mai, Vietnam – ARO Studio Project Year:  2018 Area:  178.0 m2 The success of a good house design depends on how well it meets the needs of the homeowner. In this project, the architects have recognized the issues brought about by rapid urbanization. Major concerns were the lack of green spaces and an increase […]

Casa Tierra: House Cave

Cordoba, Spain – UMMO Estudio Project Year :     2012 Developed Area :     104.0 m2 Photographs :     David Vico If you think humans gave up cave dwelling millennia ago, think again. There are a few wonderful example of cave homes around the world. This one offers all the amenities that make up a […]

Villa Ypsilon

Foinikounta, Greece – LASSA architects Project Year :     2017 Developed Area :     150.0 m2 Photographs :     NAARO At the top of an olive tree-laden hill in Southern Peloponnese is a summer home that has captured the attention of the architectural world. Why not? After all, the Y-shaped Villa Ypsilon is not just […]

Refuge in Malalcahuello

Isolated from but connected with the view and the environment

Malalcahuello  Chile  –  mc2 Arquitectos Built area:     50 m2 Construction materials:     Pine and glass Year Built:     2013 A wall of glass and the soft hues of natural pine combine to create glowing visual and physical warmth in the midst of snow! Situated in the ski resort area of Corralco, […]

Tilt Roof House

Jipyeong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea – BCHO Architects   Project Year :     2014 Developed Area :     161.78 m2 ( 1747.22 Sq ft2 ) Photographs :     Sergio Pirrone Sometimes, we see things in the most unexpected places. This home, for example, appears to be embedded in the ground when viewed from […]

Are solar myths stopping you from saving big money?

Solar panels work on cloudy days in the same way that you can get sunburn through cloud.

This article was originally written in March 2012. It was last updated on the 16th of March, 2017. If you’re struggling with skyrocketing energy bills, you’re in good company.  In fact, just about everyone else on this planet of ours is facing the same challenge.  And like you, they’re not happy about it! Fossil fuels […]

Brooks Street Revamp

Form, function and beauty in Venice

Venice CA, USA – Bricault design Site area:      490.5 sqm Built area:      352.5 sqm Year built:      2009 Photography:      Kenji Arai, Danna Kinsky Clad in sedums and other succulents, the external walls of this extension create the illusion of a floating green cube. But it isn’t just about appearances, the green […]

Sturdy DIY Earthbag Round House

This interesting home is made from earthbags, also known as sandbags. Earthbags are an eco-friendly and sustainable building material made from natural materials like sand, clay, and gravel. They are often used in disaster relief situations because they are so easy to transport and build with. This home is a great example of how earthbags […]

Impressive DIY Greenhouse Raised Garden Bed

The success of your vegetable garden depends on a number of factors including how well they’re protected from the elements. For example, depending on your location, your produce might be affected by strong winds, the hot sun, frosts, or all three in the same location! This greenhouse and raised garden bed combo allows you to […]

The Mini-B

The Mini-B

Seattle, WA  –  Joseph Giampietro Built area:    29 m2 (300 sq. ft.) Photography: Mini-B Passive House It may be small, but the Mini-B(ungalow) is a fully certified ‘passivhaus’.  In common with all its brethren, it uses only around 10% of the energy of a comparatively sized, conventionally built home. The home was built to demonstrate […]

Outside in – Inside out

Seya, Kanagawa Japan – Makoto Tanijiri Lot Size:  73 m2  (788 sq. ft.) Year built:  2011 Most of us have a perception of the ‘built environment’ that is very ordered and neat – polished and refined with smooth finishes and a ‘conventional appearance. Yet, on a global scale, that perception is not the norm.  Most humans live […]