D House

Hoàng Mai, Vietnam – ARO Studio

Project Year:  2018

Area:  178.0 m2

The success of a good house design depends on how well it meets the needs of the homeowner. In this project, the architects have recognized the issues brought about by rapid urbanization.

Major concerns were the lack of green spaces and an increase in average temperature. Flooding is also a problem. To address these, the architects incorporated solutions in the D House.

D House features a lot of greens inside and outside.
D House has a lot of greens inside and outside.

The house has plenty of pocket gardens – small areas of green spaces to cool the place. Outside, various plants can be seen in its surroundings.

The interiors feature rooms that are fresh and timeless.
The interiors feature rooms that are fresh and timeless.

Inside, a neutral color scheme keeps the space fresh and timeless. Its classic interiors ensure that years from now, the rooms will still be relevant.

Notes from the Architect:

Due to the rapid urbanization of the city, the city’s environment is seriously affected, many townhouses in Vietnam lack of necessary green space. The process of urban concreting influences the heat absorption which is causing average temperature in urban areas increased significantly. In addition, city residents are living and working at the speed life which seems to cause the loss of connection between family members. In addition, the source of fresh, quality vegetables is also a concern of many citizens.

Witnessing these situations, ARO studio Architects are looking forward to creating a solution to bring better quality to the urban population. The house is located in the old urban area of Hanoi with very high density and maintenance, due to its location in the lowest part of the city, so flooded all year round in the rainy season by waving the first floor of the house right is raised higher than the highest flood level annually.

The house is designed for a typical Vietnamese family of three generations. Each generation has a different way of living and needs. The first generation of the oldest came from farmers, so the agricultural practices were required to be established. The second generation was at the working age, so it was necessary to have a more relaxed atmosphere with nature. work stress and finally the third generation needs most is always in contact with nature to be explored daily activities. From there the blocks of space appear naturally and blend together.

The shape of the land is a multi-directional shape with many distortions, normally a disadvantage. But architects have taken advantage of that advantage to make the space more square and easier to use, and the distortion angle is maximized to create gaps for lighting and combinations. with green spaces. Almost the main functional spaces always have two sides of the natural light source and are adjacent to the green space. Combined in green space with the local and natural materials to make the project become more special, granite wall grafts make contact with layers of rock cascading in nature.

The front of the house is mainly inclined to the east so it is convenient to catch the wind in the hot season and disadvantage in the cold season, therefore, the space required to have the flexibility of opening and closing. Green roof gardens not only protect residents from direct sunlight, street noise and pollution but also produce clean vegetables that provide abundant supplies to homes and neighbours. In addition, natural ventilation through the façade along with three voids allows the home to save a great deal of energy in the harsh climate of northern Vietnam.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

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