Bookshelf House

Yokohama, Japan –  Shinsuke Fujii Architects Built area:    86.16 m2 Year built:    2014 Photographs: Tsukui Teruaki Bookshelf House's design has smartly combined form with function. A diagonal wall in one…

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Cob Homes
Bamboo Brilliance...

Cob Homes

Hmmmm... seems like we're still looking for some good examples. Do you know of any?    

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Container Homes

Container Homes

Shipping container stacks are becoming an urban nightmare. Tens of thousands of unwanted containers piling up around the world because it often costs more to ship an empty container back…

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Beach Shacks

Of course, the word 'shack' is very subjective. For some of us it may mean a 1950's style fibro clad weekender. For others it may mean the ultimate in luxury,…

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Our Media Kit

OK... we have to be upfront about this... There are Media Kits and then there are MEDIA KITS.  Ours is a media kit with lower case m and k  :roll:…

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Easy chicken feeder solutions

We've featured an inexpensive DIY chicken feeder from PVC before. But while it is a great idea, it is also not always for everyone. The best kind of chicken feeder would depend…

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The White House

Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides - WT Architecture Completion Date: June 2010 Photography: Andrew Lee Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the…

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