Designing Functional Spaces in Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds

Farm sheds are the backbone of modern agriculture, serving as essential hubs for various farm activities. From storing equipment and supplies to providing shelter for animals and workspaces, the functional spaces within farm sheds are vital for efficient farming operations.  This article discusses the process of designing functional spaces within farm sheds. From assessing your […]

Garden Shed Material Comparison: Wood, Plastic, Or Metal?

A well-constructed garden shed encompasses functionality, efficiency, and the highest degree of durability.

Gardening isn’t just a hobby; it’s a labour of love that demands the right tools and space. Enter the unsung hero of backyard sanctuaries – the garden shed. But wait, before you rush into acquiring your very own storage haven, there’s a significant decision to make: what material should your shed be made of?  In […]

Long-Lasting Goat Pallet Barn: Cheap 8-Step Project

Why not make a goat pallet barn when in need of an animal shelter or storage in your yard? If you want to keep it simple, using pallets for your goat barn is way cheaper than other materials. Pallets are an inexpensive and easy-to-find material, so this project is perfect for anyone who wants to save […]

Handy DIY Four-Door Shed: Useful Storage in 4 Steps

This little shed is a great way to protect your garden tools and recycle some old doors that would otherwise become landfills. You could even store the kids’ outdoor toys in it. Below is our complete guide on building your four-door shed. You’re adding more value to your outdoor space when you have your own storage […]

Incredible DIY Pallet Shed: 7 Steps to Build a Great Backyard Storage

DIY Pallet Shed

Do you need so much stuff that your home and garage are now just overflowing and crowded? Think of all the space you would be able to free up if you had a nice little shed in your backyard! You can stash your holiday decorations out of the way until you need them. Or you […]

Best Functional DIY Potting Shed in 8 Steps

DIY Potting Shed

It’s almost too beautiful to be called a potting shed, but that is what this little space is used for. It could also work just as nicely as an artist’s retreat, music room, or reading room. A potting shed is a small structure used to help a gardener grow flowers, plants, and vegetables. The shed is […]

Functional & Sturdy DIY Pallet Shed: 11-Step Process

How To Build A DIY Pallet Shed- Completed building

When you think of pallet projects, do you think of them as being “rough and ready”? This is often the case, as pallets are often made from recycled materials and are not always the most aesthetically pleasing. However, with a little bit of creativity, pallets can be transformed into beautiful and unique pieces of furniture […]

Turn A Carport Into A Barn in 3 Easy Steps

DIY Carport Barn

Carports are great for keeping your car protected from the worst of the weather. But there are other ways to use them. If you want your carport to become something more than just a space for your car, you’ll need to plan a conversion project. Since carports are meant to shelter vehicles, most of them […]

Amazing She-Sheds – A Woman’s Answer To The Man Cave

A Woman's Answer To The Man Cave

If there are man caves, there should also be she-sheds! It’s a place where women can go to relax and take a break from their fast-paced lives once a week maybe. What’s great about she-sheds is that they don’t usually require large areas for you to have a decent and convenient workspace. Why she-sheds? Everywoman […]

Amazing DIY Tiny Cottage | 3 Helpful Tips

DIY Tiny Cottage - Wall lying

Reading room? Home office? Playroom for the kids? Artists’ retreat? Sewing room? There are lots of ways to use this tiny cottage. Who doesn’t want to have his own private space and be away from the madding crowd once in a while? Well, if you work at home, love reading, or are into crafts, this tiny […]

DIY Tiny Cabin – Small but Sturdy

After a long week of work, we deserve a nice and quiet place to escape. How about this tiny cabin? We love log cabins. They are durable and they are a wonderful depiction of a time long gone and life more natural. You don’t necessarily have to make your city home into a log cabin, […]

Amazing Dream Shed Ideas

Shed!  A classic case of different strokes for different folks!  To some of us, it is just somewhere to stash the lawnmower and all the ‘junk’ you’ve finished using but ‘just can’t throw out. It is usually a small, single-story timber-framed, “prefabricated” building usually used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. They are particularly useful for […]

Build Your Own Efficient DIY Garden Shed

If the garage is full and close to bursting, and you can’t find the space to kick off your starter seeds, it is most likely the time to invest in a shed. Not only can an efficient garden shed provide adequate space for keeping gardening tools, but it can also be a great base to […]

Inspiring Garden Sheds

Garden Shed - The Bloughs

If you spend a lot of time working in your garden, you will need a comfortable place to pot those plants. And through many years of gardening, you will also need a place to store your collection of plants, seeds, gardening tools, and supplies. With a garden shed, you don’t have to go back and […]

The Hackney Shed – An Awesome Home Office

A simple, elegant workspace

Creating a simple and elegant home office is essential for any professional. It allows you to have a place to focus on your work and avoid distractions. However, creating one could be a big challenge. Take a look at this home office from Hackney, London as a good example. But, in order to have an […]

Weaving In The Woods

Weaving Studio – Prentiss Architects Location:  San Juan Island, Washington State USAYear Built:    2010Built area:    1250 sq ft (116 m2) I’ve only visited the San Juan Islands once. I was the guest of Ted Brewer, an extraordinary naval architect. I can’t recall how long the trip took from Seattle but it was worth every […]

Sheds Made Famous By Success

George Bernard Shaw's Rotating Shed

These sheds are made famous by success. Modern history is replete with tales of great works and deeds emanating from the humble shed. George Bernard Shaw’s Revolving Shed is a fascinating piece of architecture that rotates 360 degrees. The shed was designed by Shaw in order to provide him with a writing space that would […]

How To Build a Tree House In 9 Steps

Getting your own tree house can be a rewarding experience that brings so much joy to the entire family. Not only does it provide a playhouse for your kids, but it will also make a great hang-out spot for everyone. However, building a treehouse is more than just carpentry. The building process tends to be […]

How to turn your home garage into a DIY workshop

The garage is the hub of all home DIY projects. It’s the place where tools are stored and the important cuts and measurements take place, so it’s essential it’s a space you can use safely and reliably. If you plan on renovating your home, start by getting your garage set up will help your renovations […]

The Transatron Project by Patrick Buckle

Transatron Project by Patrick Buckle

Having purchased a small vacant block of land I was keen to find an affordable and comfortable solution to make use of the beautiful mountain location and escape the city for weekends and holidays. After a career of building things to be delivered quickly and efficiently in theatre, I began a search for compact and […]

The Floating Egg

The Exbury Egg

River Beaulieu  Hampshire, UK – Stephen Turner, Perring Architecture & Design and SPUD Design Studio Built area:     6 x 2.8 m2  (20 x 10 ft) Project Year:     2013 Photography:     Nigel Rigden Artist, Stephen Turner, didn’t just want to paint wildlife as an observer, he wanted to be a participant. To achieve […]

The Blob is coming…

The Blob

Totally Mobile – dmvA Architecten Belgium Built Area:       20 m2  (216 sq ft) Project Year:    2009 Photography:  Frederik Vercruysse The Challenge: The client, the principal of Xfactor Agencies, wanted a home office extension designed and built.  The local planning authority refused consent despite various submissions covering a range of options. The Solution: […]


Tetra-Shed UK

Tetra-Shed – Tetra-Shed UK Designed by award winning architecture practice Innovation Imperative, tetra shed® is a new modular building system which, as a single module, has been designed to be a modern garden office.  A double module layout has also been designed to create a larger office for larger gardens.   Clusters of up to six modules have primarily […]

Shoffice – Shed and Office Concept

Shoffice - Platform 5 Architects

London, UK – Platform 5 Architects What do you do when you have limited space but need to work from home and you still need to have a storage shed.  This Platform 5 client specified a ‘shoffice’.  The result is, in our opinion, a very attractive, equally functional workspace.  Here are the architect’s notes: “Shoffice (shed + […]