Best Built-In Speakers for your Patio and Backyard

If you’re looking for the ideal speakers for your outdoor setup this summer, then this buying guide should help. Here’s our roundup of the four best built-in outdoor speaker systems for your patio and backyard.

Building an Indoor to Outdoor Space

A year-round addition to a home's functionality. I cold climates, Clear cafe blinds will trap the warmth of that fireplace.

When it comes to creating a home, one of the most loved trends of the moment is to bring the outdoors in. This sounds simple enough, but in order to really effectively achieve this you have to make sure both your indoor and outdoor spaces are cohesive and blend into one, so much so that […]

Must-see balcony gardens

Balcony Gardens

Aah, don’t these balcony gardens make you wish you had one at home? Beautiful balcony gardens are not just for mansions — as long as you have a balcony, it’s possible! In fact some people without balconies simply hang planter boxes near their windows to come up with a similar-looking feature for their homes. Take a […]

Creative Courtyards

A well designed courtyard offers both visual and aural privacy

A courtyard can offer exceptional privacy even in the middle of high density housing. If well thought out and designed, a courtyard offers both visual and aural privacy. Both are important when so many homes today have so little space separating them. Of course, a courtyard isn’t soundproof, but the walls act as a sound […]

DIY Platform Deck

DIY Platform Deck - Install a drip edge

A deck is a great place to enjoy the outdoors while reading a book or enjoying a cool beverage. It’s also a perfect spot to entertain friends and family, especially if your home is short on space. Decks offer great ‘bang for your buck’ value and are a great introduction to bigger projects. All it takes […]

DIY Pallet Porch

DIY Pallet Porch

Recycled pallets are a cheap and effective way to build a porch or renovate an existing one that has seen better days. Especially if you have a wide area to work on, going for this option would be a wiser choice. It doesn’t matter if you want light wood or dark ones. You can always choose […]

Decks – something for every taste and every style of home…

Decks!  They bring the outside in and the inside out.  They are the lowest cost way to extend your living area and they can be easily converted to an all-weather entertaining area with the addition of a roof deck and vinyl curtains. They can be a part of your house or totally detached. And they’re a […]

The Poteet Loft Porch

The Poteet Loft Porch

San Antonio Texas  –  Poteet Architects Imagine a warm, balmy night, good friends, a glass of wine and a soft breeze as you enjoy the outdoors.  Sounds wonderful until the bugs start joining the party. Here’s a very nice solution that adds a lot of usable space without breaking the bank account. Like decks, a […]