Want to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value? Do These Things

Are you racking your brain to come up with ways to increase your home's selling price?
Are you racking your brain to come up with ways to increase your home’s selling price?

Are you racking your brain to come up with ways to increase your home’s selling price? Or maybe you just want to make it look perfect so it sells faster once it’s listed.

Either way, several effective, affordable improvements can do the trick. Most will help you not only boost the potential sales price but also bring in more offers once house shoppers view it.

It’s imperative to remember that home improvement projects, large or small, are an investment. That means you’ll need to spend money before you get it back in the form of a higher selling price or a faster sale.

Regardless, many owners have used minor renovation jobs to get the results they want. The following suggestions include ideas that can get you started. Choose one, some, or all to make the most of your home and its market value.


Backyard decks can be simple DIY tasks that add plenty of function and beauty to any space. Hiring a contractor triples the cost, at least. If you’re new to deck work, explore appending a small one just outside the back door area.

Buy wood that can withstand the weather conditions of your geographic area. Likewise, decide whether to paint the wood when you’re finished or use coloured boards to construct the deck.

Storage Sheds

Large storage sheds are amazingly simple to install. You can buy them ready-made or partially built kits. Many need a poured cement foundation, which adds to the total expense. However, an attractive shed is a huge plus when it comes time to list your home for sale.

The advantage is even greater if your home happens to be smaller than average. If you already have a shed, either fix it up or remove it and replace it with a brand-new one. Some owners opt to have one on each side of their backyard, which is an option if you currently own a storage shed.

Consider consulting an interior decorator to coordinate the inside rooms so you don't end up just slapping on any old color.
Consider consulting an interior decorator to coordinate the inside rooms so you don’t end up just slapping on any old colour.

Paint Inside and Out

Unless you’ve recently painted your home, start selecting colours and paint types for both inside and outside the project. Stick with basic white or simply match the current outside colour.

Consider consulting an interior decorator to coordinate the inside rooms so you don’t end up just slapping on any old colour. Decorating pros can give you several ideas about the colour variety that can make the interior space appear larger, more welcoming, and more comfortable.

Minor Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

For decades, kitchens and bathrooms have been the first two rooms house hunters look at when they’re doing walk-throughs with their agents. If you decide to improve one or both, it’s essential to work diligently and use the best materials.

Hiring a contractor for a minor re-do is not necessary if you possess basic skills and have the time to do the work yourself. General guidelines for kitchens include using lighter colours to make the space appear larger.

For bathrooms, always put on a fresh coat of paint as the final phase of the chore. Choose colors that are darker than the kitchen and rest of the house to add a touch of intimacy and privacy to the bathrooms.

Solar Roof Panels

Solar power for residential homes has come a long way in the past decade. Gone are the days when a single set of roof-mounted panels was out of financial reach for most owners. Today’s smaller, more efficient units are reasonably priced, much easier to install, and can be placed on the roof or the ground.

For quick home sales, consider opting for roof-mounted panels on the rear portion of the structure. The more invisible they are, the better. But, depending on where you live, it might be necessary to place them in the front of the house.

Either way, only deal with licensed, experienced contractors who have excellent reviews. Compare prices by getting at least three quotes from sellers. If possible, get a personal referral from someone you know who was satisfied with their solar installer.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is much less costly than replacement. Assuming your home has a functional roof that could use a few fix-ups, it will be necessary to speak with a licensed contractor. This is crucial even if you intend to do the work yourself.

Only a roofing expert can conduct a full-scale inspection and explain what needs to be done to bring the roof up to its best condition. You will want to keep your major project on budget but don’t skimp on materials if you do the work.

If you choose to hire a contractor, only work with a reputable local company that has at least five years of experience with residential roofing. Keep all documentation and include it in the selling packet so prospective buyers can see it.

Attic Conversions

Converted attics are one of the hottest features in the modern housing market. Real estate agents love telling shoppers that the attic has been transformed into a useable bedroom, study, lounge, den, or exercise space. Homebuyers typically view converted attics as freebies. That’s why they’re ideal projects to take on and add to your overall improvement plan.

Discover sound real estate investments by enrolling in online real estate courses. Gain insights into worthwhile investments and make informed decisions on where to allocate your resources.

Covering the Expenses

Paying for renovations is one of the most critical steps of all. Think of it as a project in itself. Fortunately, the majority of homeowners can apply for a personal loan to cover the full cost of whatever projects they choose to tackle.

That’s because personal loans are not only easy to apply for but they can be customized to your particular situation. After making an initial improvement plan that includes a detailed list of all the tasks you’ll be doing, do some in-depth research to gather cost information so you can arrive at a total for all the work.

Then, you’ll be able to craft a loan agreement that makes sense and will know ahead of time where to set your home’s selling price. If potential buyers ask about specific projects, it’s helpful to give them specific data about how much you spent.



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