Understanding the Signs of a Serious Plumbing Issue: From Leaks to Blockages

When your plumbing systems are in good working order, it’s easy to forget that they are even there. But as soon as disaster strikes, you’ll realize how lucky you were when it was all plain sailing. What are the signs of serious plumbing problems? The best option for avoiding plumbing-related calamities is to know the […]

3 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

One recent report estimates a 72 percent increase in the size of property-related claims filed by Australian homeowners. Insurance experts say the increase is almost entirely due to internal water damage and water leaks. Here are a few smart devices that can help you prevent water damage in your home.

Replacing Manhole Covers: 3 Best Options

Manhole covers aren’t exactly sexy, right? I mean, you don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Hey… today is manhole cover day”! So we, the good guys at Drainage Sales UK, are going to make a topic that may be perceived as a little boring, a lot more creative, engaging and interesting. No, we can’t […]