A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Countertop for Your Kitchen


Every kitchen deserves a standout countertop. It’s not just a work surface; it’s a focal point that ties the room together. Choosing the right one can elevate your kitchen’s style, functionality, and overall appeal. Below is our complete guide to finding the best cooking and dining space countertop. Understanding Your Needs and Preferences Before diving […]

How to Bring Back Life Into Your Kitchen

Are you feeling uninspired by your kitchen? Let us help you transform it into a lively, inviting place where you can happily whip up delicious meals. In just a few simple steps, you can make your kitchen the perfect spot to cook up a storm! Easy Ways to Bring Back Life Into Your Kitchen Are […]

9 Kitchen Updates You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

The kitchen is the room of a house we use most often, so it is common for many of us to want certain upgrades for it. Some can improve your kitchen on an aesthetic level while others are geared towards practicality. Depending on budget and vision your kitchen can be revamped with just a few […]

DIY Corner Cabinet Drawer: 8 Solid & Convenient Benefits

Corner cupboards in kitchens tend not to work very well. “Lazy Susan’s help but it’s still not easy to store and find. The owners of this kitchen decided to remove their lazy susan with specially designed drawers that can make the space more functional. A corner cupboard without even a lazy Susan setup is very awkward to […]

Cake Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label

Cake Batter Dispenser

No one in the family will ask “how come she got the big one?” ever again with this clever cake batter dispenser! This cake batter dispenser has a measuring label that allows you to neatly dispense a consistent quantity of batter. That means you’ll always get equal sized cupcakes that will then bake evenly. You […]

Creative Fruit Storage Ideas

Creative Fruit Storage Ideas

Fruits are a must-have in every household but they are quite tricky to store. Different fruits require different storage conditions to keep them fresh for as long as possible. Then there’s this concern about not having enough space in the kitchen; fruits tend to take a lot of counter space! Good thing there are several creative fruit storage ideas available […]

Genius Ideas For Storing Produce

Open Mesh On Drawers

Fresh Produce is the best! If your household likes to cook, you need to keep a good supply of fresh vegetables and fruits on hand. A sophisticated pantry system is a pantry that has as many storage compartments, shelves, and bins as you can fill up with food it can hold and keep fresh. Great for […]

Excellent DIY Kitchen Island Cabinet with 6 Drawers

DIY Kitchen Island Cabinet - Started build shelf and cabinets

If you’re looking to make your kitchen more distinct, adding a kitchen island cabinet is one good way to achieve it. And just like the owners of this kitchen, you can DIY your kitchen island for a less costly home improvement that would only take a week or two. A kitchen island is generally placed in […]

DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks – 4 Easy Steps

Not everyone can afford a spacious farmhouse-style kitchen. An expansive, well-ordered kitchen is beyond the bank accounts of most people these days.  So many of us have to deal with tricky kitchen storage dilemmas. You either have to extend your kitchen to have more space, or you look for simple and inexpensive solutions, which is […]

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Projects

Do you enjoy cooking and being outdoors and close to nature? Then creating a space that combines the best of both worlds is ideal for your lifestyle. How many times have you missed entertaining and spending quality time with your friends and family because you’ve been busy cooking in the kitchen? Creating your own outdoor […]

Space Savvy DIY Rotating Canned Food System: 6 Advantages

We decided a couple of years back to put together and maintain an emergency reserve of foods, such as canned food, and other necessities. This was in case of an unforeseen event, such as a natural disaster or another emergency, where we would need to have food and supplies on hand. We are so glad […]

8 Creative Steps To Build A Canned Food Dispenser

Looking for some space-saving canned goods storage for your pantry? How about this easy DIY canned food dispenser? It’s an inexpensive project where you can use off-cuts and scrap wood from previous projects. Aside from saving space or getting more space for a small pantry, this dispenser also provides easy, hassle-free access to your canned goods. The labels […]

An Exquisite DIY Colander Pendant Lamp

Need a pendant lamp? Maybe your kitchen requires the right lighting to get you on track to accomplish the day’s tasks. From homework to list-making, to cooking, the kitchen counter is a culinary workbench. And proper lighting – say, recessed downlighting or island-highlighting pendants – will ensure that it’s fit for all of those uses. […]

Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

  The most common complaint people have when moving to a new home is the lack of suitable storage space in the kitchen. Many people find that their new kitchen lacks sufficient storage space. There are many options available when it comes to adding extra storage space. Some of these options include DIY under-sink storage, […]

Archia Homes – creative kitchen solutions

DIY Kitchens

Duxbury MA  USA  –  Archia Inc. Archia list themselves as a client focused, creative design and build firm.  They cover all aspects of residential development including new homes, renovations and additions.  We present three Archia kitchens here for your inspiration and consideration. Click on any image to start lightbox display.  Use your Esc key to close […]