Declutter Your Space: Smart Ways to Dispose of Old Furniture

Are you looking to discard some unneeded furniture? Whether you’re revamping your home aesthetics or embracing a minimalist lifestyle, disposing of surplus furniture can be challenging and perplexing. Genius Strategies for Old Furniture Disposal Your approach will hinge on the volume of furniture you aim to dispose of, its current state, and the speed at […]

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces make the perfect spots for escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnecting with nature. Thankfully, you can create comfortable seating areas where you can lounge or savor a cup of tea with the right outdoor furniture. A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Whether you envision hosting al fresco […]

Scandinavian Interior Design: How to Select The Right Furniture

Scandinavian design embraces simplicity and minimalism, creating clutter-free and uncluttered spaces.

Get ready to fall head-over-heels for Scandinavian interior design! This sleek and chic trend has won over countless hearts with its minimalist flair, practical charm, and love for all things natural. And if you want to nail that authentic Scandi style in your own abode, choose your furniture wisely!  By choosing furniture that embodies the […]

Build Your American Flag Pallet Coffee Table With This Easy 8-Step Guide

American Flag Coffee Table

Now, this is impressive DIY furniture expressing patriotism! Do you have some pallets waiting for a project? Why not try making a pallet coffee table with your own country’s flag? 🙂 Historically, flags originated as military standards. Soldiers used flags as field signals. The practice of flying flags indicating the country of origin outside of […]

6 Repurposed Furniture as Awesome Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Ideas from Old Furniture

Here’s an interesting DIY project for pet rabbit owners! This idea has gained various insights but it might just be the one some of you are looking for… Make a rabbit hutch by repurposing furniture items! There are many reasons why you should get a bunny as a pet. Even though a lot of people […]

Logs! – 41 Best reasons not to burn them!

A raised vege garden!

Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! The sun will keep you warm if you harness its energy and it will still be there tomorrow to do the same. Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so! Turning them into something great and still seeing […]

Best DIY Chaise Lounge with 1 Storage

DIY Chaise Lounge with Storage - Make the curved backrest piece

A chaise is a lovely place to sit and relax, but they do take up a lot of floor area. Adding hidden storage, however,  offsets the loss of space — and makes it a great piece of furniture to add to your home! How about creating a lounge with storage? Make it beautiful and space-savvy. […]

Incredible DIY Drawer Ottoman

Got an old drawer? Give it a new life by turning it into an ottoman with storage! Having storage spaces within your furniture is a clever way to keep a house clutter-free, especially if your rooms are small. This ottoman is a great addition to the living room or even the bedroom where you could […]

Impressive DIY Storage Chaise Lounge Idea

DIY Storage Chaise Lounge

One of the challenges in having a small home is trying to keep it clean and spacious. Here in our house, it’s getting more and more difficult to maintain clutter-free rooms every year as our things keep piling up. This is also the reason why we can’t add another piece of furniture even though we […]

Great DIY Art Desk From Cupboard Door

DIY Cupboard Door Art Desk

A lot of kitchens are dumped every week and if you’re into DIY projects, then there’s a treasure trove that you don’t want to miss. Look for discarded cupboards and you will have the primary materials for a cupboard door art desk that your child will love! Cupboard doors are sturdy and can withstand a lot […]

Amazing DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Tables!

DIY Repurposed Reel Mosaic Table

Repurpose!  These timber spools end up in landfills. Give one a new life by turning it into a great-looking mosaic table! Use old, excess, or unwanted materials for your mosaic design such as china, colored tiles, or glass. You could also add some wheel casters under for easier mobility. Mosaic tiles are mostly made from […]

12 Best Designs for Quilt-inspired Tables From Salvaged Wood

Quilt Tables from Salvaged Wood

Whether you go to a local recycling centre or a council-provided green bin, it’s never been easier to get household junk processed back into useful raw materials. How about making tables out of these materials? But that takes energy, and one has asked: “Why spend all that energy when this ‘rubbish’ can surely be turned […]

10 Best Storage Cabinets to Organize Every Room

When it comes to decluttering and organizing your home, storage cabinets are key. But it’s not just about hiding things away⁠—it’s about being mindful of what you’re storing where. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that as long as something is out of sight, it’s out of mind. But it is not […]

Extraordinary Fold-Out Convertible Desk

Fold-Out Convertible Desk

If you’re a student or an employee who is renting a small studio or apartment, space-saving furniture will surely be a lifesaver. When you’re limited on space, it’s important to be strategic about the furniture you choose in order to make the most of your living space. Furniture with hidden storage compartments like a convertible […]

Safe and Sturdy Pet Stairs

Pet Stairs

Pets love to cuddle because it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. When you cuddle your pet, you are creating a bond that can help to improve your relationship. Pets that feel secure and loved are more likely to be happy and healthy. Do you ever feel bad when your pet looks […]

The Amazing Evolution of the Air Bed!

neverFLAT© technology means your bed stays at the same firmness throughout the night

After a six-year-old decided to use our old air bed as a trampoline, it was time to go on the hunt for a new one. We don’t use it often, but we do enjoy a little extra comfort when we do go camping and, of course, there are always those times when there are more […]

8 Awesome DIY transformations you have to see!

DIY Transformations

You may need to do a transformation to bring about the change you wish to see. Ever driven down the street, seen old, unloved furniture sitting on the footpath and thought, “I could make something with that”? Old furniture pieces are often just an opportunity waiting for someone to make it happen. All it takes […]

Easy steps to make a hanging pallet chair using paracord

Paracord Pallet Hanging Chair

Pallet furniture is a chic DIY trend that anyone can get into over a weekend. Using the pallets as a starting point, you can create countless projects for the home. You can stain, stack, paint, and finish them any way you want. It’s a cheap alternative to buying new furniture. Of course, the special bonus […]

Wonderful DIY Salvaged Spool Ottoman

DIY Salvaged Spool Ottoman - Finished  Salvaged Spool Ottoman

If you can manage to get your hands on an old timber spool, this project will give you an ottoman for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought one. Best of all you’ll be able to tell people that you made it yourself! A wire spool is a large, round container made of heavy material. […]

Travel High Chair

Travel High Chair

Got a new addition to the family? Here’s a nice and must-have baby gear especially when you’re traveling with your little one. It’s so useful that you can’t imagine how you lived without it all this time! This travel high chair harnesses your baby safely and comfortably in any adult seat. Simply attach the fabric to […]

Balance Ball Chair

Balance Ball Chair

Do you sometimes feel pain in the back, legs or arm after working at a desk for hours? A great alternative is a standing desk but standing all day can also be hard on your body. The problem or the solution may be the proper chair and this unique balance ball chair may be it! It […]

Learning Tower

Learning Tower

“Let me do it!” We hear this a lot from our kids as they grow more independent each day. Well, why not let them? You can start with the Leaning Tower which is a designed step stool. You can let them ‘help’ or do their stuff as the solid wood construction provides a safe support for them to […]