Declutter Your Space: Smart Ways to Dispose of Old Furniture

Old Furniture Disposal
Continue reading for our junk removal specialists’ guide, featuring five efficient strategies to make your furniture vanish.

Are you looking to discard some unneeded furniture? Whether you’re revamping your home aesthetics or embracing a minimalist lifestyle, disposing of surplus furniture can be challenging and perplexing.

Genius Strategies for Old Furniture Disposal

Your approach will hinge on the volume of furniture you aim to dispose of, its current state, and the speed at which you want it gone. Continue reading for our junk removal specialists’ guide, featuring five efficient strategies to make your furniture vanish.

Put Your Furniture Up for Sale

If you do not need to discard your furniture and they are still in superb shape, you could monetize these unwanted items by selling them online. There’s an array of free and convenient services like social media platforms, community forums, and classified ad sites that can assist you in reaching potential buyers. 

One of the perks of online selling is that interested parties often come directly to your place and take away their purchases themselves.  

Shop Second-Hand

Furniture from charity and vintage shops often presents a treasure trove of pieces still in good condition for any interior design project. This eliminates the need to assemble new flat packs from the ground up. 

You might even stumble upon older furniture pieces that require a bit of tender loving care. You can restore or upcycle these finds yourself. Numerous online tutorials are available to guide you in this process, allowing you to infuse your style into these items.

Hold a Garage or Yard Sale 

Disposal of old furniture should be done properly and creatively.
Set a realistic price for each item to draw more potential buyers and boost your chances of selling.

Organizing a yard or garage sale is a budget-friendly method to dispose of your old furniture while earning some extra income. Start with categorizing your items, ensuring that each item up for sale is in decent condition and safe for use.

Set a realistic price for each item to draw more potential buyers and boost your chances of selling. Promote the event on social media or local community boards to attract a larger audience and enhance sales.

Direct negotiations could lead to unanticipated profits from your pre-owned furniture. On the day of the sale, arranging items in an organized manner will make it easier for potential buyers to browse, thereby raising the probability of selling all your surplus items by the end of the day.

Bring Your Metal Furniture to the Nearby Scrap Dealer in Your Area

Many furniture items, including bed frames, tables, chairs, and desks, frequently incorporate metal into their construction. Additionally, box springs contain recyclable steel coils. Scrap dealers are almost always ready to accept your metal furniture.

To dispose of these pieces more effectively, determine the specific type of metal they contain. Metals can be classified as ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous metals consist of various forms of steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. Conversely, non-ferrous metals comprise:

  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Knowing the type of metal you possess is beneficial since most scrap yards will purchase it from you.

Contributing your furniture to a donation pickup is an excellent method to dispose of it and provides a sense of fulfilment.  If you’re trying to figure out how to eliminate large furniture, this approach might be attractive because many charities offer free pick-up services, saving you both time and inconvenience.

Additionally, your donation could potentially qualify for a tax deduction. However, donating furniture to charities does come with its drawbacks. Not all furniture may be accepted, as many charities often require the pieces to be in good shape. ​

Place it on the Curb

When you need to dispose of furniture, particularly minor items, one method is to place them in a heap by the roadside. However, it’s recommended to first contact local waste collection services to understand their guidelines. 

Certain services might impose fees for collecting larger objects, like mattresses, or have particular rules about what they can and cannot pick up. They may also restrict collections to specific days or load capacities.

In some fortunate cases, pedestrians may spot the discarded furniture and choose to take it home for refurbishment or reuse, assuming it’s in decent condition. This extends the potential lifespan of the furniture and promotes sustainability. 

If you choose this option, set the item on the curb the evening before trash day. This prevents it from being left on the street for an extended period, which could lead to problems with your Homeowners Association.

Revive Your Old Furniture

Old Furniture
Adding value to your unused furniture and enhancing its appeal to prospective purchasers can be achieved through upcycling.

Reviving your old furniture for your interior design project might not be as daunting as it appears. With some elbow grease, you could again transform your worn-out pieces into attractive home furnishings. The process of refurbishing your old furniture could be more affordable and straightforward than you anticipate, and it might even prove to be an enjoyable project. 

It presents an opportunity to harness your creativity and create beautiful items for your living space. If you’re looking to reupholster, many delightful fabrics are on sale or at discount prices. Online platforms offer a wealth of instructions on tackling the reupholstery process.

Wooden furniture that doesn’t require reupholstering, numerous guides are available online on how to sand and stain your pieces, restoring their original charm. Should you need to replace handles or knobs, these are readily accessible and come in a range of decorative designs.


Adding value to your unused furniture and enhancing its appeal to prospective purchasers can be achieved through upcycling. Applying a basic layer of chalk paint, for instance, can significantly increase the worth of items like dressers or nightstands. You might be astonished at the price people are willing to pay for a piece of furniture that’s been creatively transformed into a ‘shabby chic’ style.

Haul it Away

If you can access a sufficiently large pickup truck or flatbed, you can personally dispose of your unused furniture. Before filling up your vehicle, it’s important to plan where the furniture will be discarded, be it a landfill, recycling centre, or scrap merchant, ensuring that the chosen site is equipped to handle the quantity and variety of furniture you wish to eliminate.

Certain dumping and recycling centers like waste disposal services may only accept items on select days or under certain stipulations. If you donate the furniture, verify the donation center’s operating hours.


If you’re planning on giving your home and interior makeover, or you’re adamant about parting ways with the boring furniture, there are several alternatives to simply tossing it into the dump. All the solutions we’ve suggested previously have a less harmful impact on the environment. Consider these options, or any others you may conceive, to prevent your old furniture from growing as garbage.



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