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Extraordinary Corner Shelves Ideas Using 4 Commonly used Materials


It seems to me that there is no such thing as too much storage space, especially when it comes to displaying shelving.

Corner shelves are exactly what they say they are – shelves that sit in the corner of a room. This creates a lot of opportunities for multi-purpose furnishings that save precious space.

As a general rule, corner shelves make use of the space where two walls meet to create a shelf. In the case of the corner shelf, the two opposing walls are adjacent to each other – meaning there are no perpendicular walls to support the shelf.

Corner Shelves

These shelves typically sit at the same level as the room’s ceiling. Some designs place the corner shelf directly up against the wall, but this is not very practical in most rooms. Instead, you can opt for a corner shelf with a slight angle on one end to allow the shelf to fit snugly.

Every room has corners and those corners are mostly unused. Those bare, unused spaces are precious opportunities! After all, if you get creative, you can maximize even the most minuscule sliver of space!

Here’s a selection of shelving units to use any corner space, for books, photos, trophies, plants, or anything else you want to put there…

Corner Shelves

What are the materials you can use for your own corner shelves?


Woods are commonly used materials for corner shelving for both bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. Woods have advantages over many other materials, such as high resistance to water and rot, and stability over time.

The natural colour of woods makes them ideal for corner shelves and cabinets. The colour of woods can vary from the lightest blonde to the darkest ebony, with many different hues in between.


Concrete is functional and strong, so it is frequently used in the construction of heavy objects, including furniture. A corner shelf made of concrete may hold a lot of books and decorative items may be set in different places in the room, and will not lose their original shape.


Metal is durable, you won’t have to worry about shelf supports being broken, and it is possible to have shelves that are actually works of art.

Metal shelves made of wrought iron, for example, can be designed to look like a modern sculpture or can be designed to mimic the shelves of a castle.

You can even get metal shelves with metal supports, which makes them look like they are floating among the ceiling and walls.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipe is a very versatile material that can be used in many different ways. One of them is to use them as corner shelves.

Even though the shelf itself is not very heavy, the weight of the things placed on the shelf will put stress on the PVC pipes, and they may break.

To prevent this from happening, use brackets to make your PVC Corner Shelves sturdy so that even if the shelf is completely full, the pipes will still be able to support the weight.

There are a lot of other materials that you can use for your corner shelves. In fact, your imagination is the limit. Corner shelves can serve many different purposes, and there are so many different materials from which to make them, that it can be a bit overwhelming.

You have to make sure the corner shelf you choose is sturdy enough to hold all of your books and other items. But if you decide to buy one, they are available from Amazon just by clicking here.

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