Nine ingenious recycled fence ideas

Nine ingenious recycled fence ideas

Recycled Fence Ideas

Want to build a new fence for your yard? These recycled fence ideas are sure to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood!

We’ve all seen beautiful fences that we wished we had for our own yard. And though they are definitely aesthetically pleasing, these fences can get uninteresting after some time. If you really want to have an outdoor feature that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, then go for the beauty of recycling!

Fence Ideas

You’re not only helping keep trash out of landfill, you just might be able to spend less than what you’re expecting to dish out for this outdoor project.

Take a look at this list we made for you below and be inspired to recycle! Are you resourceful enough to build a fence with one of these ideas?

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Do you still have your old bicycles in the garage? You might need more than what the whole family has ever had but there’s definitely a lot of thrift stores and owners out there who are looking for buyers or takers!

Old Doors

Have access to old doors? They make great fences if you want complete privacy in your yard!


This surfboard idea is usually seen at homes near beaches; famous in places like Hawaii. It’s a great way for people to make use of the several old and broken surfboards surfers probably frequently get.


Pallets are a more accessible recycled material for many of us. If you want to see more examples of a pallet fence then head over to this collection!

Wine Bottles

Here’s another material many of us will not find hard to gather — empty wine bottles! We’re all wine lovers here, aren’t we? 🙂

Old Ceiling Tins

The more variety of ceiling tins you can collect, the better. These are 3×3 ceiling tins that look like stained glass from afar. Agree? What do you think of this idea?

Wheel Rims

This idea, on the other hand, looks best for homes in the countryside. It’s a great way for using old and rusty wheel rims from trucks, wagons and other farm machines. You can also use bicycle rims, of course!

Window Frames

This material is one of the easiest to put together for a fence. You can get some old window frames from a thrift store or from local contractors. We, for instance, have a contractor friend who gets to take several old window frames from his renovation projects. Sometimes he rep-purposes them, but he has more than enough that he’s looking for takers! We think window frames with different shape, sizes and colours will give a truly unique look, but a single colour design like these is neat. 🙂


If you live in a place where it snows, then you most probably won’t have any problems gathering skis for your fence. What do you think of this colourful idea?

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