Surprising uses for eggshells that you should know about!

Different Uses of Eggshells
Different Uses of Eggshells

You’re probably like most people… you throw away the eggshells when cooking? Or maybe, like us, you throw them in with the compost. You’ll never do it again after you’ve seen these surprising uses for those eggshells!

Eggshell Uses

We’ve now learned that eggshells are a natural solution for removing stains. Sprinkle crushed eggshells over the stain, pour on some warm water and let the stain be absorbed by the eggshells.

They are also a great ingredients for maintaining white clothes when you wash. Simply crush eggshells and combine them with several lemon slices. Put them in a cloth bag together with your clothes, and wash in the washing machine.

Eggshell Uses

Below is a list of more ways to put eggshells to good use. Most are tips for gardening and growing healthier produce.

Hmmm — now we can’t stop thinking about all those eggshells we’ve thrown out in the past!

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Abrasive Cleaner Powder
Calcium Supplement for Apples and Tomatoes
Seed Starter
Better Brewed Coffee
Bird/Chicken Feeds
Easter Egg Decor

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